June 2015

June 2015 was the driest month of June that I remember.  

The peonies were finishing as the Abraham Darby Roses began to bloom and together they were just beautiful. 

We loved our camping trip to Summerland last June so much that we decided to repeat and begin a tradition of camping before kids are out of school.

This photo is taken at the exit off the highway into the campground.


The beach at this campground is very narrow and I can imagine it would be fairly crowded with kids during the summer holidays.

This was pretty much how we spend our afternoons.

The campground is terraced so there is no one ever behind you.  
I took this picture looking at our spot from the terrace above us. 

We took advantage of the walking paths up and down several times each day. 

The food was very yummy and we were not about to give that up on holidays....
so we walked.

I always make fresh salsa and guacamole on holidays. It's a treat worth the effort.

I bake muffins every few days in the morning  for our breakfast from the refrigerator muffin mix I take along.  

The view never gets old.

Thought you might want to see our typical meals so it was a joke every meal when I took a photo.

This was a lunch we enjoyed after a wine tour.  We stopped to buy a baguette and some very good cheese and parked ourselves to enjoy the view.

We found a place that included tastings and pairings.  We were the only ones on this particular tour and they treated us like royalty.

Another dinner of fresh potatoes and onions , grilled veggies and  honey garlic sausages.

This was a tasty dinner.  Chicken souvlaki and greek salad.  

It was so beautifully warm that we normally didn't even start a campfire but on this evening, it cooled down enough and we sat outside and read until it was quite late.

Another meal... 

A little shadow technique selfie.  =)

We took in the farmer's market in Peachland on Sunday.  
I told her I had a Mennonite Cookbook and she wasn't at all impressed.  I maybe should have said I put some of the recipes in that cookbook.  

Peachland is beautiful.  It has a paving stone sidewalk following the lake's edge that we walked for nearly an hour. 

This wasn't a meal but by the time we were done.. we felt like we didn't need dinner. 

This was a lunch of leftovers... again enjoying our view.

We love you Summerland and hope to see you again next summer. 

We came home a day early because I had the most delightful invitation to come to a luncheon in honor of my friend Kathy, given by her dear Mom-in-law Eileen. 

It was just the loveliest treat.   She went to so much work and we appreciated it so much.
The details never stopped from the doilies under the starter cold soup to the 100 year old crystal at each table setting.

Eileen served us a ribbon loaf that Kathy will be sharing on the blog very soon. 

Here is Kathy with a plate of the deliciou food.  

As we were leaving, we were gifted with these most beautiful rose sachets from their roses.  Eileen made the little organza bags herself. 

We also had our church community group summer kickoff BBQ hosted by Anneliese and her H at their lakehouse.  

Isn't that just the prettiest picnic table of food?

To end the month of June we took our family for our annual family get away to Harrison Hot Springs.

The first year we went our oldest two grands were 8 months old and now they are turning 8 this fall. We have spent a weekend together here almost every year since then. 

There were plenty of small fish to catch... pet and then release.

They were going to pose for us but it took them awhile to come up with a plan...

and in the end... 
their plan to sit on the biggest boy proved to cause him a bit of pain and there was a big hurry to get everyone off!  Quick!

I had to go buy some candy at the corner store for this guy because he didn't want to pose in the first place.  =)

Every year they bounce around so much in the hot pools that they begin to scuff the pads of their toes and they start to bleed.  Oma went shopping in the village of Harrison Hot Springs and came back with socks for them to wear in the pool.  

We spent both afternoons near the pools overlooking the weddings happening in the garden.  On Saturday there were four weddings.  This is the exact spot where our oldest son and his bride were married.

I think he is so cute even when his face is a testimony to all the food he has enjoyed. 

These two little ladies waited with their Daddy before we went for our special family dinner.

One thing we never expected was for the weather to be so warm.  We stay in the oldest part of the hotel because it is the least expensive and the the children have a separate bedroom from their parents. 

The rooms are not air conditioned but if you play hard enough all day...
you sleep.  

There was jumping in the water all day.

over and over...

until they were reminded that the signs said they were not to jump in the pool.

More food pictures!

This is what we ate for lunch both days. 

The girls found their own quiet spot in the shade.

We found a quiet spot to park ourselves between the pools and the water park.  


We were ready to go home already on Sunday but these girls just laughed and laughed and it was hours later that they were finally ready to be coaxed to go home.

First thing Monday morning T and B started painting their house. 

Where there is a project that our children are doing...
their Dad is sure to be.  

This is where the month ended and I'll be sure to start it right here with more paint on the house next month.

Have a wonderful summer dear friends!  

all for now...
with love,


  1. Another wonderful month in the can! What great times you enjoyed in God's Country. Happy Canada Day!

  2. Wonderful recap of so many fun events. That campsite is so lovely! Happy Canada Day!

  3. All of the food in this post looks so delicious, makes me hungry although I just ate! Looks like your holiday in Summerland was very enjoyable and relaxing. Seeing the pics of house painting makes me groan, as ours will need to be done again soon. Such a big job! Looking forward to seeing more pics of the completed project.

  4. OH my, I just ate my way through June with you! Such a fun time you've had with your kids and grandkids, family and friends. Beautiful scenery and delicious food too! Happy July to you!

  5. Such happy times and another full month recap! I did the same thing on our recent trip - took pictures of our meals while the farmer patiently waited to eat. Love, love all your pictures - the grands are growing by leaps and bounds and all so adorable. Kathy's party looked like so much fun - her mom-in-law must be so proud of her. Our house needs repainting too - what fun!

  6. Oh and one more thing - happy Canada Day to you and yours!

  7. What a great recap, Lovella. Summerland looks like a wonderful place to visit in June, before school gets out. Love all the food photos! My husband laughs when I take food photos, but he likes to give ideas on how to do it now, so I think he's getting into it.
    Your photos of the Harrison Hotel reminded me that we spent a night there during our honeymoon. We hadn't made reservations (way back then) and the hotel was quite full but they found us a room in the old section and boy, was it ever hot! We were thankful to cool off in the pool. I can't remember if we had a fan or not.
    Happy Canada Day!

  8. You did it again! You shared in such a way, that for a few brief moments this morning, I felt like I was there with you, taking in the beauty, partaking of every plate of amazingly good looking food, and hearing the laughter of the little girls as they played in the water. This was another fascinating post! I so enjoy stepping into your world, and what a beautiful world it is! The woods, the lakes, the reunion, and the elegant meal that you were served by such a gracious, caring hostess. Thank you for adding joy to my early morning.! Looking forward to seeing how the paint job turns out...

  9. Your camping food just looks way too good! =) Love the pictures of the "five" enjoying the family trip! The smiles could not be sweeter!
    I also love having been part of this amazing month with you.

  10. What a great 'month in review'! Great pic's as always...of the grands, the food, the fun and the SUN! One of these years I think we'll check out Summerland in June. Looks most inviting! Enjoy your summer!

  11. Love all the pictures -- what fun you have camping!! And the food looks so good -- just the kind I would be cooking. Love the pics of all the grandkids. What a special tradition you have with them. I had to laugh at the picture of the wedding because I take those exact kinds of pictures of random stranger's weddings. :) Can't believe you had a dry June, we are getting dumped on here. Although, I see we are to have a week's stretch with no rain. That will be good for just about everyone. I have enjoyed having a lush, green lawn this summer and not having to water the garden at all. So strange but so nice.


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