July 2015

July started out with celebrations of Canada Day with friends.
We met together to watch the fireworks.

When I got home I looked at the dozens of pictures of the fireworks  that I took and decided that next year I would just sit back and take them in and enjoy the moment.

I left you last month with the beginning of the painting project that T and B took on for their summer improvement project.   
For some odd reason I didn't take pictures of the before of the front of the house.

As you can see the house is too high to safely paint from a ladder.
A lift was brought in and I felt slightly better about the two of them tackling the project on their own.

I was heard hollering out the window from time to time to be careful.
My warnings were heeded by the two comedians.

B did all the trim and was in charge of papering off the windows.

My job was to bring food and treats and spend some time in between with the littles. 

I was given a ride up the lift whether I wanted to or not. 

The front of the house...
all done!

The garden has kept us in all the vegetables we need. 

The flowers have been amazing as long as I keep them watered.

It was sweet little M's 5th birthday!

She invited all her cousins and best friends to help celebrate.

It was a perfect evening for a swim.

These two had a birthday as well!

Their mommy has a conversation with each of the children on their birthday.

These conversations are then posted at their parties for guests to read and enjoy.

It's wonderful to see what remains the same each year and what changes.

The theme of their party was summer Olaf.

There was a photo booth.

Everyone (without exception) participated.  
I haven't seen our photo yet but will be sure to present it here when it comes to my inbox.

Remember how little H was born on his Grandpa's birthday?
He's now 4.  

The blackberries are ripe.

We would have millions of beautiful berries if we would have had some rain.
Only about a 1/4 of the berries are ripening plump and juicy while the rest of the blackberries are hard little nuggets.  =(

Sweet K still managed to find a few dandelions in the dry grass.

July was dry but we had one really great day of rain and everything looked fresh and clean for a few hours.

We enjoyed having friends over this month.  Summer always seems so short and we were happy to take time to connect with friends we see often and some friends we don't see nearly often enough.

T had a crash at BMX on Wednesday night and dislocated a finger and ended up spending some time getting to know the local ER.
He managed to put on a smile for the camera.

My favorite photo of the month  was actually taken at the end of June at our family weekend away. 

K 6 years old,  M 5 years old, T 7 years old,  H 4 years old , N 7 years old. 

That was July 2015.

All for now.. 
with love,


  1. Thank you for all the beautiful photos! The Grands are adorable and growing way too fast! They all look like wonderful friends, too, which is heartwarming. See you in September, Lovella!

  2. A great July! Love that last shot, too. I like the color B and T chose for their house. I'd love to get one of those buckets for Greg instead of him being up those tall ladders! I like the joke photo!

  3. Has it really been a month since the fireworks night? It's so good to be able to look back and know that you did not waste time. =) I love the "conversations with..." and the beautiful photographer's dress =) and the last photo. Had to look twice at the one of your T and little H to see what kind of a covering they were sitting on and then realized it is our new kind of grass in the valley. Kind of has a unique look to it when it's all even.

  4. I stopped taking pictures of fireworks for that very same reason :) Great July summary!

  5. My heart was warmed by all your beautiful pictures Lovella!!! Your grandchildren are so adorable and the last picture is just super - I hope you frame it! Your conversation pictures are such a brilliant idea (I have to remember this one). Love the picture you took of the photographer and the photo booth. The new paint on the house looks great - my Farmer painted ours too this summer - almost the same colour I think. So good to catch up with you again!

  6. Nice re-cap of a busy and fun-filled month. What a great idea...the conversation pic's! Your grands are growing up before our eyes. Great pic of them all together! And T & B's house...love it!

    Enjoy the new month...and be sure to share the memories with us over here!

  7. Love all the pictures!!! Especially the beautiful one of the grands at your family get away. What a great job everyone did on painting the house! It looks wonderful! Your garden also looks amazing!!!! Maybe someday I will get enough vegetables :) Hope the dislocated finger is healing well! UGH! Rachel is already back to school and the rest of us start on Monday. Seems like that means summer is over already but it will be nice to enjoy two months of pleasant/hot weather still to come.

  8. I am so impressed with that house transformation! What a beautiful finished project! The fact that it was a family project is even more impressive.

    Your grandchildren are growing up right before our eyes, and their joy and enthusiasm shines through with each picture. What also shines through this post, is the artistic creativity that exists in each one. That birthday party
    was so well done! I gained ideas for me to use, from it.

    Your flower bed is so pretty and colorful! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your July. It is always fun to visit here.


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