February 2015

We had some really beautiful weather in February!  
The sun came up and glowed through the foggy mornings.

The eagles were often close by.  My good camera was inside and I was outside when this eagle perched on the tree at the edge of the property so I just used my phone.

The paperwhites from the extra bulbs that I planted in fall outside came up and started blooming.
There have been some chilly days and yet they seem hardy enough to open up.

This picture of the Rhubarb was taken early in February.  
By now...
you can imagine I'm getting hungry to Rhubarb Platz.

I really don't love decorating sugar cookies that much.

I love those that I decorate them for and the "love" easily outweighs the "don't love" part of that equation. 

I picked up some Valentine balloons and delivered my treats! 

This fellow enjoys tedious little things.
Even with his man handling of the felt pen...
he has an idea in mind and slowly works toward that goal.

I think that will be a good trait in his life.

He likes shopping with me.

Oh... and I turned 56 this February!

On my birthday... there is always a photo to document the event!  
That day the sun was shining and we drank our coffee outside.

I was treated to a week and then some of lunches out, dinners out...
flowers and gifts and many many sweet birthday wishes.

When the sun is shining on the day that sheets are washed...
they just have to hang outside.

I noticed that my sorrel is coming up.

Now I'm hungry for Summer Borscht!

Last weekend he mowed the lawn.

I noticed that little toys are often preferable to big toys.

on the farm we continue to work through the reality of avian flu in our region.

February is always a busy month with a flock change, barn cleaning, powerwashing, manure cleanout...
but with the additional paperwork of the avian flu...
we are happy to say goodbye to February 2015.

If you have to do a lot of paperwork...
it's good to have a buddy system in place!

That about sums up our February here!

all for now...
with love,


  1. Enjoyed all the pictures! Can't believe you have paperwhites blooming and your rhubarb and sorrel are up so high already! Yikes! I think I need to move to the PNW! We finally got our first big snowstorm of the winter this weekend! Ha! 7 inches of snow and tomorrow it is to be 50 degrees. Crazy weather. No hope for spring outside for some time.

  2. What a beautiful birthday month you enjoyed! I can not comprehend all the plants and flowers growing and that the lawn required mowing! It is fascinating to me. Your little grand has excellent hand-eye coordination and amazing dexterity. May March bring many more happy, sunny days...

  3. I like that idea of taking a photo on your birthday documenting what the day was like! Glad despite all the extra work February brought you on the farm that the weather was nice!

  4. Spring sure has come early to your valley this year. How wonderful. Belated birthday wishes to you. I can't believe you've mowed grass already. It will be 3 months before we will be mowing, or even longer. What a varied climate our great country has! Blessings to you.

  5. I enjoyed reading about your busy month of February. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you. It's wonderful to see all the plants coming alive again after the winter (that was hardly a winter). I hope March is equally lovely for you (without the avian flu complications).

  6. It is so much fun to see Spring in gorgeous colors, while sitting here at my computer, facing yet another snow/ice storm. I love seeing the green, the paperwhites blooming,
    the rhubarb almost ready, and you sitting in the sun drinking coffee. Certainly, a different landscape! Happy Belated Birthday my friend! You age well!

    As for the Avian Flu, we faced that in our area a few years ago, and I know from that the devastation and apprehension that causes. It is good though, that your husband has
    someone so special to help him with the paper work. I loved that picture!

    Enjoy the sun and the warmth, and keep sharing pictures of it all with us:)

  7. I've missed your posts but I know that live has moved along quite nicely there. Love that you have a little visitor to help and
    drinking coffee outside in February is a treat too.

  8. I can see why he likes shopping with you! Lovely b'day picture...outside in the sunshine. Thanks for sharing snippets of your life from February 2015!

    PS Hope the avian flu is soon a thing of the past!

  9. You are so beautiful Lovella. Thank you for sharing your life though your lovely photography. I think what you call Paperwhites we call Early Cheer - seems appropriate in the anticipation of Spring.

  10. You are so beautiful Lovella. Thank you for sharing your life though your lovely photography. I think what you call Paperwhites we call Early Cheer - seems appropriate in the anticipation of Spring.

  11. Looks like some beautiful days spent with some special people. Truly our spring has come early and it brings out the best in everybody. Smiles, warmth and fun wishes for your up coming year. That reminds me...I need to plant my paper white bulbs for next year.

  12. I'm late to read this post, Lovella. I immediately thought of you when I heard about the outbreak - all the work and care that come with something like this.
    A belated Happy Birthday to you! I will be in your neck of the woods next week, and always send a 'hello Lovella' as I drive along past places that look like busy farms.......I figure that the good wishes will find you!

  13. Oh Lovella - happy belated birthday to you! Your pictures are so beautiful and I can't believe how Spring has Sprung in your area - oh the Rhubarb! Your little man is adorable and such a good "assistant". I love that you take a birthday picture each year - you are beautiful! Here's to March and Spring! Maybe I'll buy some seeds this week and wish the snow away.


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