Thirty-one Days of Thankfulness 2014 ~ Day twenty-three.


  1. Oh Lovella, as I watched the news yesterday, my heart went out to your country. All I can say to your post is "Amen!"

  2. I am thanking God for the quick action taken after the terrorist
    attack on your soil...Praying that my country will wake up to
    what is happening here in my country.
    Love from NC

  3. I was so shocked, when I learned about the Terrorist shootings, in Canada. And my heart goes out to you all, of course.

    But you can be proud of your Leader, who had the strength to call it a Terrorist Act.

    Down here, they can't seem to bring themselves, to call a spade a spade. To call a Terrorist Act, a Terrorist Act. Down here, it sometimes is called "work place violence"... :-(((((


  4. Timely! Praying with you for our country.


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