Preparing Supper for the Kiev Symphony Orchestra Concert

Yesterday I went out to the garden bright and early and cut Swiss Chard.

Kathy invited us to help make dinner for the Kiev Symphony Orchestra when they'll be putting on a concert in Chilliwack on September 9.

We decided to do the preparation of the Swiss Chard Rolls and the Apple Pies in advance which makes the day of the concert free to make buns and cut potatoes and bake the pies and the swiss chard rolls. 

There were onions to peel and chop.

Bowls and bowls of meat to mix up.

There was plenty of chatter and lots of happy encouragement all around.

Kathy is a fantastic organizer!!

We rolled up meat into those leaves lickety split and then stored them in the freezer.

Kathy will go and put them in freezer bags.

We mixed up large batches of pastry to make pies.

I doubled the flour but not the lard and yet we kept smiling and somehow made it all work out okay.
It happens!!
Lots of chatter... not enough concentration...
or something like that.

The apple peelers were busy getting the 25 pounds of apples peeled and cut up.

Do you all have apple peelers like this?
We all brought ours and those apples were ready for the pies in minutes.

 Easy peasy! 

We rolled out the pastry and the pies were crimped and glazed.

We started at 9:30 and by 12:30 we were at Kathy's enjoying a beautiful salad lunch!

It was a good day.

all for now...


  1. Breaking my policy of not being the first to seeing you all working together; especially, after the little poem of yesterday that I shared. I would say that you work well together and enjoy it! Oh, just to let the photographer know, I am stealing the photo of Judy. She knows why! =D

    The symphony? Wow! That is such a ministry to be able to serve them a meal!

  2. Looks like so much fun..had I been there you could have given me any job..just not working with onions! My eyes would have been 'streaming' just being in the same room as them! :)

  3. You girls worked together very nicely. That's funny about the lard! Love it all!

  4. This truly amazes me how you gals pull together and work together. The swiss Chard from your garden is incredible Lovella! My garden is so sad this year. You must share your recipe for the rolls sometime - they look wonderful. That orchestra is in for a real treat.

  5. Well, I took a portion of that low fat version pie crust home and my H was happy to see a pie baking in oven when he got home. It was a bit on the "crispy" side of tender, but smothered in ice cream, it was great. I will be making my cabbage rolls with Swiss chard next time... I guess they won't be cabbage rolls then. You win the Swiss chard growing prize!

  6. A totally fun day with a great opportunity to serve. I loved the idea of using Swiss chard. I will be eager to see how those taste.
    And then to sit down and listen to a classical concert from Kiev. It truly is a blessings.

  7. You did all that in one morning?? I guess the saying, "many hands makes light work", is true. :) I can tell you all enjoyed yourselves.

  8. And a fun time was had by all! I'm planning on making cabbage rolls with Swiss chard in the future as well...a new, improved (fast) method for me. I'm thinking it would be nice to call this team up every time I had a large dinner to prepare. Ohm and maybe Kathy could be in charge...she's good at it!

  9. It was great fun! Thanks for giving us a look into the kitchen through your lense. I'm thinking this could be an annual fill our own freezers. When I went back to the church yesterday the rolls had frozen really well and are in freezer bags and along with the pies are in the freezer for baking on Sept 9.

  10. I sure do enjoy seeing times you all get together and put your expertise to good use. I never heard of swill chard rolls, but they do look delicious! I like the organization and the conversation that takes place when you all get together. I am not sure I could do what you all do, and still carry on conversation. But, of course, you are all quite gifted! The apple peelers are the perfect addition. I would like one of those. A great post!


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