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We are home from a week and a half of enjoying rest and relaxation at Manning Park.
I've taken you there before and this time I didn't even bother much with photography except for a few phone photos I'll share with you.

We started last week with three great days with Scot and Kathy.

There is always sure to be an abundance of delicious food when we share the table with our friends.

Scot had his egg cooking up pulled pork.  We made pizza's together to put on the grill.  Marinated steak, beets and fettucini rounded out our dinners together.

I kept feeling we should do a proper hike but instead enjoyed daily walks around the beautiful lakes.

Once they left for the rest of their vacation...
he enjoyed a lot of fishing.

Most days...
he fried me up an appetizer before dinner.

Most evenings...
we enjoyed our dinner in the evening..
and then read until our eyes got heavy.

I'm not even going to pretend I did anything resourceful while he fished.
I would force myself to put down the kindle and go for a walk to see how the fishing was that day...
and then come back to the campsite and take up my books.

Our days were fully restful.
There is no cell service there and after a few days..
we begin to unwind.

Our mornings were lazy and breakfast leisurely and time spent together praying for the many people we love with no need to hurry was just wonderful.

I think I'm pretty much caught up on emails...
bills and what has happened in the world in the last nine days.

My washing machine is working hard and my garden needs some serious tending.

Thank you dear friends for stopping by.

all for now..


  1. It sounds wonderful!

  2. We have been getting such a chuckle out of your "automated" system of feeding the critters! That bird would have freaked me out! Glad that you had a nice, relaxing time with friends at the lake.

  3. I had to look a couple of times at your crocs - and then scrolled down and realised what was going on. Too clever!!
    A woman with a book and a man with a fishing rod - elements necessary for perfect relaxation!

  4. In the first clog photo I wondered what kind of shoes you were wearing - they looked VERY odd to me. What a fun idea you had! Cheeky little birds, aren't they? Glad you had a relaxing and refreshing time away.

  5. I am cracking up at your nutty shoes and how brave you are to let the critters come and take their fill. hilarious!

  6. It was great to spend a few days together. Loved your peanut toe enticement strategy. Free entertainment is often the best! Glad you guys had an enjoyable time of rest.

  7. Must email me your reads--did you have any that deserve a must read recommend? I was touched to read that you two spent unhurried time in prayer. A teensy tiny bit disappointed you didn't conquer another mountain as you did in the past but on the other hand we aren't going up any mountains much this year either.

  8. That sounds like a relaxing and fun time away. I love the birds and squirrels feeding from your crocks! That's really neat to see. Blessings. Pam

  9. Most relaxing and wonderful by the sound (& look) of it! Glad you could share some food and fun with good friends. We looked at the pic's together...and laughed at your 'bird feeder'. Great pic's.

  10. We are totally cracking up over here - as you nonchalantly keep the story going as creatures are nibbling at your shoes with not a word about it!!! This is so cute. BTW your phone photos are spectacular!

  11. I'm smiling at your photos and the way you didn't need to even refer to them - they told the story in full all by themselves. Such a clever app for your crocs.

  12. You got to put your feet up....oh, mine ached from running and chasing...but it looks like you did that in advance. I love how one can amuse themselves while camping. Isn't that a beautiful place to hide out in? We just love Manning Park and I was hoping to stop in at your campsite...but we missed each other by a day.

  13. It's been a day and a night of waiting. Waitin for our luggage now. Looking forward to getting home and catching up like you just did. Glad you could get away and have such a relaxing time.

  14. It is fun to be given some smiles when one visits blog land, and once again, you have provided that for me. Your ingenuity is impressive! Who would have thought to do what you did and be able to so skillfully capture it all on camera. I must admit though, when I first saw your shoes, I did have a few questions:) Thanks for sharing beauty and humor with us this morning. Time away is crucial in the midst of our busy lives. Time to pray is even of greater value.

  15. One more thing that I forgot to add, is that pulled pork on the egg, looks so good! The fruit in the ice water, that Kathy had on the table, shows me what kind of hospitality she extended to you. What a blessing to get to spend time with friends, in that setting.

  16. What stunning natural beauty to be surrounded with!!! Wow. And I love the squirrel feeders. :) Ha ha ha!!!! So glad you had this good time to rest and relax!


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