bring the colour party

There was a party on Sunday to catch up on the July birthday parties.

 At least part of the success was relying on the guests bringing their bright and beautiful imaginations with them.

 At least part of the success was relying on the guests bringing their bright and beautiful imaginations with them.

Lanterns...streamers and balloons...

and take home bags...
all white.

Even the dessert tray waited for white.

White  shirts and white canvases...

and then the colour brought it all alive.

Painters tape was applied first by adults while the little ones gave direction on where to tape off the canvas.

Some  painted in patterns .....
some with primary colours...

and some creating a watercolor effect.

After paint was applied...
there were stamping and other techniques  added and then the colour was left to dry.

Once the tape was removed...
their colour canvas was revealed and all were beautiful.

There was entertainment of course.

Walking on hands is always preferable.

Little brother learning from his big brother.

Lots of smiles and lots of fun!

After everyone had finished their artwork...
the white dessert was brought for a touch of colour.

Some sparklers...

and candles...
and the July birthday kids were ready to blow out candles.

Everyone got their chance to bring art to their cupcakes and then enjoyed eating their edible art.

We always enjoy the creativity of this mama.
Her beauty extended to others.

all for now...


  1. That is a brilliant party idea! Love the artwork and the designing your own cupcake idea!


  2. I am thinking this genius party was engineered by your lovely dil Bea?
    Brilliant and beautiful. Happy July Birthdays everyone!

  3. Wow!! Such a fantastic birthday party idea! And wonderful pictures! (and btw - Little O is adorable!)

  4. Wow! That is just brilliant for a party! Love it...

  5. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! If I knew how, I would pin this to Pinterest - hope someone does it. I'm working on a "taped off" type of artwork right now and if it turns out I may share it someday :). I love the artwork your birthday guests did!

  6. Wonderful idea for artwork! It really does look great. Looks as if you all had fun and that those July folks were well honored.

  7. I will have to show this to our Lillypad - she will enjoy it more than anyone I can think of. What a wonderful party - what a talented Mama!

  8. What a great party idea. Those canvases turned out so pretty...I'm sure the kids were thrilled to take them home and display them. The boys certainly did some fun tricks...they are all so adorable.

  9. Oh, how pretty and fun! There is something about summer birthdays and making the most of them with outdoor décor, crafts and entertainment!

  10. This is a great idea, and I've tucked this away in my files. The pictures are exceptionally good!

  11. Lovella, it has been ages since I've visited your blog--so sorry about that! My days of babysitting have left me happy but tired at the end of the day and my computer time is limited. I love this beautiful party theme and all that accompanied it! The paintings turned out so pretty and I'm sure the children had a great time decorating the cupcakes! It was so imaginative!

  12. What a fun idea for a birthday party! Love it! And what great always.

  13. Wow that is truly amazing!! Love the idea!

  14. What fabulous ideas you have, Lovella! It looks like a wonderful party. I particularly like the cupcake decorated with gummy worms -- and Seahawks colored M&M's! :) xoxox

  15. What a sweet birthday party. I love the artwork and the idea of taping off the canvas. Fun times!


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