the car show

A typical Saturday it was not.
He left early in the morning to join the parade of classic cars and hot rods filing into Mill Lake Park.

I stayed home in the morning to clean house and once that was finished I brought our picnic right around lunch time.

We have been to many car shows but this was our first official entry and now I can see what folks do there all day.

There is no lack of friendly folks to visit with.

After lunch we left the hood open and did our own walk around the park to see all the cars and do some visiting of our own.

When we got back I said...
"hey look... they put a Winner card on your windshield."

Of all things!

At 2 pm we joined the other car enthusiasts at the stage and sure enough...
there was indeed a trophy coming his way.

His 1950 Merc built over three years...
got a moment of recognition.

I was happy for him.  

Getting kissed by these two sweethearts...
was just icing on the cake.

all for now...
with love,


  1. That's so fantastic! Congratulations on your first entry and win! We didn't make it there this year (my hubby would have loved to be there but he was working and I could not bring myself to hit that heat with two young kids :)

  2. Hearty Congrats! I can truly not think of a more deserving vehicle or owner to win! That man of yours really does love the details and it makes all the difference.

  3. Wow! That merc shines like a clean mirror! So happy for your beloved to be recognized for his work. This brought back fond memories of your posts documenting the progress.
    Seems like a long time ago now. You need to frame that last photo!

  4. Wonderful photos of a memorable day, Lovella. What fun! Love that last shot!

  5. Congratulations Terry! Your truck is beautiful.

  6. Love the fun that truck has delivered over the years and will deliver in the years to come. Kudos Terry!!!

  7. PS: Love the shorts and flip flop "uniform" on the on stage winners.

  8. That is one gorgeous automobile, and I remember those years of working on it. Congratulations on the award!

  9. My husband is sitting here dealing with a wave of envy pangs this early morning. He said, "that your Mercury is one amazingly good looking machine!!!" Interestingly, the two of us attended our first car show ever too, this past weekend.
    Congratulations on your award! Smart judges!

  10. Congrats!!! Well deserved - what a gorgeous vehicle! It's so shiny I can almost see your reflection. We haven't been to a show in some time with our '67 Mustang but it is so much fun!

  11. Awww - such sweet little kisses! Congratulations!! All that hard work and loving care to detail paid off!

  12. That is awesome! Now I must call hubby over here to take a look.

  13. Tell your hubby congrats from us! It is a beautiful truck, and his hard work is certainly evident.

  14. Congratulations to Terry ! but I think he'd agree the best 'trophies' are the two in his arms.


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