summer spider sweep

Sometimes I just wonder what he is doing out there all day.
He always finds something to use up his allowable hours of work between 8 and 6.

On this particular day I was heading out to the garden to pick lettuce for a salad and I saw him up there with his corn broom and I turned right around and went back to the house to get my camera.

I tried really hard to be subtle...
coming up from an angle so I wouldn't disturb his sweeping.

He saw me and carried on.
I asked him what he was doing.

Sweeping spider nests off the soffiting. 

This post is dedicated in particular to Mom and Auntie Hilda who will read this post and feel proud of their clean son/nephew.

all for now...


  1. No disrespect to the male half of the species, but I really didn't know that men noticed spiders, their webs or their nests. Perhaps it is different for a farmer whose outbuildings are so very important. Perhaps I will put more effort into teaching my grandsons about this sort of thing than I did with their Daddy!

  2. Well I heartily approve! That's why your beloved has such a great looking property...attention to detail!

  3. I don't like spiders, especially those big white/gray fat 'goobers'! I get hubby to spray them down with a hose about once a summer before they have babies. We have good hubbies don't we? ;)

  4. Oh, yes...I love that comment, "What is he doing up there?' He would fit nicely into the German culture and make them proud. I think we have a few of those soffits around our barn and we're about to have an audit and inspection. I will add that to 'his to do list'

  5. What a great guy! That can't be a fun job.....but it reminds me to do the same, especially around the doorways. I am often horrified when anyone tall walks in and I notice - eek!

  6. I think he may have just created a new job for someone looking for one ... Spiderman! I know of one little girl who would want the
    underside of her front entrance swept regularly. Seeing her look up at the overhang before advancing to the front door when I drop her off,
    has brought on some smiles. It's funny how quickly those spiders reassemble too!

  7. He truly is a "jack of all trades". Your very own "spider man". Thanks for the smile this morning.

  8. Those old-fashioned brooms are great for jobs like that. I need to get one - we have lots of spiders!

  9. Bravo Terry! I wish more folks would look up and see spider nests in porch overhangs. Creep standing on a porch with a spider population explosion just waiting to happen.

  10. (I trust this activity will always be scheduled when the possible reading or viewing of Charlotte's Web has no chance of happening with visiting granddaughters...)


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