fostering farm machinery

I often heard him talking about finding some old farm machinery to place in our beds around the farm.
We talked about taking our flatbed trailer to the prairies to see what could be found.

Patience paid off this weekend. 
Our neighbors needed additional space in their yard and realized they needed to part with this machinery that had been in the family over several generations.

We have been given the privilege of caring for the implements.

Saturday afternoon was spent moving around the pieces until he was satisfied.

The beds will be enlarged to accommodate the larger pieces while the smaller pieces were tucked into existing beds and looked like they had been there...

The neighbors only have to peer over their fence and feel satisfied that there will be no grass growing up around the spokes of their implements.  

Happy Farmer... 
happy wife.

all for now... 


  1. Getting in on the rusty look! It sure does look nice sitting there. Terry has an eye or is it an ear? (Because you were telling him how to place the machinery.) Hope we'll get to see it again!

  2. Great new home for some old treasures!

  3. I love it!!! Those are beautiful vintage pieces of machinery and so fortunate to have found them close to home! It's going to look awesome.

  4. I'd say moving that equipment from just next door rather than across the country is a win win situation! Fun!

  5. Once a farmer, always a farmer and it looks like they will eventually fit perfect into your garden beds.

  6. This equipment reminds me of drawings I've seen of the farm machinery my great-grandfather and those before him produced in the Ukraine.
    I wonder how long it's been since these were used. Did they put some kind of protective spray on it to keep it from rusting?

  7. I saw the new pieces as I drove by on Tuesday....very nice addition to your beautiful farm and gardens.

  8. One will often see the old pieces in our part of the country as well. What a special slice of history, to add that to your already beautiful landscaping. It seems so appropriate for a farmer and his wife:) I will look forward to seeing the finished project. As with every project you two attempt, it is done with creativity and artistic skills!


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