a little weeding

We went out to pick some Romaine for supper.
I watched her for awhile and then went to the house to get my camera.

Up and down the rows...
picking out little weeds...
she never once noticed I was observing.

One little hand clutched the offensive inhabitants...
while the other one plucked.

A few months ago I might have made sure she knew which were weeds and which ones we would eventually want to harvest...
but now she recognized the vegetables.

She eventually had company.
He was most interested in what bugs she might be finding...
but she just continued on while he got busy looking for something interesting in the dirt.

all for now...


  1. Simple summer pleasures. I wish I had a little friend who was interested in weeding. :)

  2. Awww - Garden Fairies!!! I need some of those.

  3. What cuties! She's a wonderful helper!

  4. Sweet little garden helper.

  5. She is so graceful as she works. Wouldn't it be fun to have her cast as a life size bronze statue so she could be that way in your garden forever.

  6. Early, important childhood lessons, taught by example, by her loving, wise grandma. Love this post!
    I was taught at an early age to weed, and this past week, I had a little girl out in my flower beds, teaching her too.
    So special!

  7. How did she get trained like that? Tiny weeds and she's diligently going after them. So cute!
    Your garden looks very productive.

  8. A life lesson taught early....and we'll-learned! So sweet! And I'm sure her back never hurt from her gardening duties either.

  9. How many times...have we run outside without our cameras, only to quickly see that moment. I love what Judy wrote about her back....every time I bend...my back aches. I think gardening is such a beautiful way to help the little ones understand about the qualities of food and where it comes from. I need someone like her at my home...


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