I'm making a serious effort to be involved in the food production this summer.
planting the garden has always been a joint event. . . . .

. . .but in the past years I always had a rather false impression that we were blessed with weed free garden soil.

This year while planting he wondered if I wanted to do some of the weeding.

"I don't mind if you do"... he said.

Since he asked so nicely... I agreed.

Being somewhat leary of getting behind ...
I go out there nearly every day to see if I can spot any weeds.
I was surprised how many weeds popped up over the weekend. . . . 
with the day of rest and all.

All this weeding is bringing me back to my childhood and the much larger garden and much longer rows that we would be assigned before hopping on our bikes to go into the village to the public pool.

While I weeded. . . .
he mowed the field.

We could see each other and I made sure to fling my weeds in a dramatic fashion so that he would notice me.

Just sayin'.

The rows are weeded and tomorrow I'll take out my hoe and give the space between the rows some attention.

Back in the day. . . 
all I thought about was that swimming pool in the village. . . 
and now. . . .
I think about fresh garden fresh peas.

I think about french onion soup and fresh lettuce salads.
I think about making potato salad with potatoes that go from soil to the pot in under an hour.

I think about the things I'll roll into my Swiss Chard and the carrots that the kids and the dog will be digging out.

And then after I've thought about all that...
 the ice cold drink we'll share at the end of the day.

I think about how I don't mind weeding the garden near as much as I remember.

Growing our own food...
it's a good thing.

all for now...


  1. If I had to weed that garden, I'd be at the farmer's market so fast. But you are not a spoiled brat like me despite your dramatic tossings. And the food on your table is much more fresh and fine!

  2. Those are good things to think about while weeding. I enjoy the activity - it's a great time for thinking and for praying. Those weeds never take a day off, do they?

  3. A very good thing indeed. Oh dear I have so much weeding I could do here. I don't think I ever weeded as a child or at all until I had a home of my own. I can just see you flinging those weeds! :)

  4. I'm giggling at the "picture" of you flinging the weeds - I think I'll try that!!! I'm sure he noticed it too. Your garden is coming along nicely - I'm waiting to spot any growth which should be any day now - growth other than weeds that is.

  5. If only everything would grow as well as the weeds. I had to laugh at your dramatic flinging moment.
    I enjoyed your thoughts while weeding. All that and the cold drink at the finish line makes weeding sound downright desirable. I'm interested in hearing how you make use of your swiss chard. It does well here and I could use some new ideas for preparing it.

  6. You are right, it is a good thing. This post took me back to my childhood too, and the summer days that we spent weeding our garden, and all of my mother's flower beds. It is interesting, isn't it , how our perspectives can change over the years. I think your husband must be relieved that you took over that job, especially when he gets to watch you weeding as he is mowing:)


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