peonies 2014

I was thinking  how lovely it would be if peonies could be hung to dry to enjoy all summer long. 

The pure white blossomed peony is not quite as productive as the soft pink peony...
but together take an impressive amount of space in the sunny side of my garden.
Early next spring before it starts to grow...
 I'll take part of the massive pink roots to live in the gardens of  my beautiful daughters by love.

The brighter pink Japanese Peony has done so well this year.
Like the pale pink peony... 
it now a massive ring made of rebar and chains to hold the tall blossoms up.

I read this week that to delay their opening...
they can be cut and wrapped in paper without water while the buds are still fairly tight and then refrigerated for up to a week.

The end of this week the last of the buds will have opened and then...
I'll concentrate on roses.

all for now...


  1. Love them!!!! The florist had about a thousand buds wrapped in newspaper in her back cooler -- in every shade possible for a peony! They are just glorious! So, another friend in blogland kept telling me that you could dry peonies -- much to my surprise. She was right! I tried it and they dry up quite nicely. You have to turn the heads upside down when they are still pretty fresh -- you can't wait until they have finished their vase life and the petals are beginning to fall. :( I've got a few in my craft corner that are now two years old.

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful shots of your peonies, Lovella. Ours have come and gone for the year. Like all of the spring flowers, their time in the spotlight is short lived, but perhaps that makes them all the more enjoyable.

  3. So beautiful! I (and the rest) sure enjoyed the big bunch you brought over for the bridal shower!
    Thank you! You sure know how to grow them! I know there has to be a trick . . . and maybe
    something that comes out of the chicken barns helps.

  4. They are so big and beautiful! The buds on my peony look quite small and as if they will die before they open this year. I'm quite sorry for that. Some flowers do so well in chilly temps, but not my sad little peonies. I'm sure that your daughters-in-love will very much appreciate the gift of peonies.

  5. That first picture took my breath away and I could almost smell the sweet scent!! Mine aren't quite open as yet but I can't wait till they bloom!!! Love, love, peonies! They were perfect for the shower at Anneliese's too...

  6. I am enjoying my few peonies right now. It really is a beautiful flower. So glad God created it. Beautiful photos!

  7. Ahhhhh. Just beautiful!!!! My peonies come in ones and twos...not by the armful. Enjoy every friend.

  8. Thank you for the huge dose of beauty that you just added to my Wednesday! Wow! Your peonies are exceptionally gorgeous, not to mention the way you photographed them. It is true, that one can pick the peonies weeks ahead of time, as buds, put them in the refrigerator and store them, until needed(even if it is a few weeks). My florist friend actually proved that to be true, as she did the flowers for her son's wedding. Everyone at the wedding was talking about that! She did have a backup plan if it did not work, but it did.

  9. So so pretty! Mine are up about a foot with tiny little buds all over them. We had such a slow spring but now everything is coming up quickly. I have the same shade of pale pink and then a deep rose coloured type. The pale pink is my best bloomer too. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  10. Every year I look forward to your Peony Post. You have such a delicious variety of pinks and whites. Isn't it nice that the weather is sunny this year for peony season? So often it rains and their season is cut short. Absolutely beautiful peonies and gorgeous photos to record their beauty for all of us.


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