Full Service Pumps

Have you noticed that every summer the price at the pumps skyrockets?
This weekend the lineups began.

Finding a good full service pump is well worth the search and completely under rated. 

On Saturday the grand opening of the gasoline station on the farm opened up about the same time that chores were finished for the day.

I settled in to document...
the inaugural event .

Window service with a particularly difficult customer....
caused some words to be exchanged.

There was a disagreement about what colour fuel was being sold.

the bike car was filled UP.

The cost was surprisingly fairly accurate.

The initial estimate was $90 but when the service was all said and done...
it came in at $100.

The full service included ...
air in the tires...

...and a seat adjustment.

She worked day and night for about an hour...
refilling the vehicles at an amazing pace. 

There was some discussion with her business partner about taking a lunch break...
and the lineup was given notice that the station was closed.

I have a feeling her gasoline station will be open often this summer.
This is one line up that is worth the wait.

I love summertime.

all for now..


  1. What a fun time and a sweet post, Lovella. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Fun times abound at your place. The kids are getting sooo big!

  3. Fabulous! And your granddaughter has the same helmet as our Sweet Girl! :) Your photographs are really lovely.

  4. Full-service pumps are rare, especially with attendants so sweet. What a darling memory to document.

  5. Love it! The power of pretend!

  6. This makes me smile! The honest truth of gas prices, not so much.

  7. What fun! I love the imagination and creativity of children. And having a Grammy and Grampa to play along makes it more fun!

  8. Loved this post......the little toes on a warm summers day, hands busy with make belief and real life fun! They are sweet girls!

  9. Highway robbery! Did she settle for a hug? No chance of paying her with a popsicle?

  10. So glad you were there to document this! It will be a fun summer memory for you all!


  11. Oh what fun! So wonderful to have full service from such a sweet attendant and her handsome business partner! I love summertime too!!

  12. Oh I loved playing bikes and gas station when I was little!!! My sister and I would play for hours and hours......

  13. Oh, what fun! You have the best way of documenting their play. Summertime is the favorite season for kids of all ages.

  14. You certainly make summertime look so good and so inviting! I love the summertime too!


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