Counting Blessings ... there and back

By now all my Mennonite Girl Friends have posted their photos of our special day trip to visit Ellen in Seattle.  
There is nothing new under the sun here but our blogs are our own places to record special memories so I'll post a few of my photos too.

We boarded the Amtrak in Bellingham and Bev joined me in  a seat on the left side of the train so our view was the peaceful pastures and small towns we passed through.

Ellen and Judy  planned our day trip and they could both take on a new career of special excursions for ladies of a certain age.

We missed Charlotte and Betty from Manitoba and Kathy who was feeling under the weather at home.

Ellen picked us up in a vehicle that was rented big enough to carry us all and it was lovely to relax and know she knew the way.

We enjoyed the sunshine and the short walks.

Ellen made reservations for us to visit the Queen Mary Tea House.

I felt like I had been transported to England for a proper visit to a Tea House.

There was no space unused.

We enjoyed a beautiful lunch together.

I loved this idea for using teapots.

After a visit to a beautiful mall...
we popped into Ellen's place for refreshment and a bit of time in her home.

At the end of the day...
I just counted my blessings for the gift of these friends in my life and for the way God has led us in the six years we have been...
Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

all for now..


  1. 6 years! Wow time flies when you are having fun! Loved your recap, Lovella.

  2. Such fun and thanks for sharing Lovella! Count our blessings indeed!!!

  3. Each gal shows a little something different or in a different way. Whether the little apron hanging from the corner of the blue cookbook or the row of teapots filled with to see! I like the way you gals get together to have some fun.

  4. 6 years...and so many memories. Good ones! Loved our fun day-trip to Seattle!

  5. Beautiful post..sharing memories along the way. It's hard to believe that it has been 6 years.

  6. Nice seeing the day through your lense. The look of the food....the cute tea pots....our friends. Glad you girls had fun.

  7. Oh what fun!!!! I need to go to that Tea House!! look at all those pots!!! Actually, I'm in the middle of creating my own tearoom for the afternoon -- a college friend is home this summer and she wants to learn about tea so I've invited her over.....waiting for the kitchen to be cleaned by Andrew and then I'll put some scones in the oven. :)

  8. At the end of my day, I am thanking God once again for the MGCC group of beautiful women that I have been privileged to be introduced too. I enjoy every post on you all and
    I love all the pictures! They inspire me and encourage my heart as I see how God continues to use His women for His purposes, and always others are blessed through it. Just today, my friend called and told me that she has introduced her mother to my blog, and to all of yours, so that she can be blessed via them too. See, it all continues on. Thanks for sharing this lovely post! The picture of you all is so good! The teapot idea is brilliant!


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