Camping at South Okanagan Provincial Campground

Last week we took our trailer to camp in sunny Okanagan.
Soon summer will start in earnest...
and the camping spots become a hot commodity but in early June...
the week days are quiet.

Camping underneath the Ponderosa Pines ....
the Douglas Firs ....
and the Maple Trees....
in late spring when everything is still fresh and green ....
is the best.

I had no idea that there were Provincial campgrounds that had automatic sprinklers to keep the grass green.

There are two campgrounds side by side.
The south campground is level with the lake with the highway above us.
The north campground which is connected by a trail is terraced from the lake up to the highway.

The south campground has a large grassed area in one loop where the picnic tables are a few steps down from the tent and trailer sites.
There were only a few children around last week and we could easily imagine how that grassed area would be filled with laughter and lots of children.

The first few days that we were there...
the weather was pleasant.

We sat outside in shorts and T shirts and hoodies in the evening around the campfire in the evening.

Each day we walked the connecting trail between the two campgrounds and looked at the view of the lake from the top of the north campground.

The campground is just a few minutes north of Summerland.
This was my parents go-to campground in their retirement years.
When we stopped at a fruit stand we saw all the different Summerland Sweet jams and treats that they used to bring us home as souvenirs.

I doubt that my parents ever drove the Bottleneck Drive route that connects all the beautiful wineries in the area.

Some of the wineries encourage picnics from their patios overlooking their vineyards.

We wanted to enjoy one day at a winery that served lunch.
We found Bonita's  and enjoyed a long and relaxing lunch on Wednesday, the one truly sunny day.

After lunch we walked down into the vineyard and could see why people would choose to say their wedding vows at the end of this grass hill.

If you have never been to visit the Okanagan in Beautiful British Columbia make sure you put it on your to do list.

We have never visited the mediterranean yet...
but last week...
we had a taste of how wonderful it would be.

all for now...
with love,


  1. That is a really beautiful campground. It's so clean and neatly kept.... and quiet in June. :) The scenery in the Okanagan certainly is gorgeous. What a nice vacation!

  2. Beautiful photos of your world last week, Lovella. This really is a nice lush time of year to camp there. Glad you had lots of dry days before the rains came...

  3. About ten years ago, several years before I started blogging, I began hearing rumors about the Okanagan. An online friend had grown up there. She wrote volumes about its beauty, but she had no photos. This has brought it all full circle for me. What beauty! I'm glad that you were able to get away and enjoy it.

  4. You captured it beautifully! A June camping trip to the OK valley sounds like a very good idea to keep in mind...before the crowds. Glad you two had a fun get-away!

  5. What a great holiday you had - and the nice days were a bonus I'm sure. Your pictures have me yearning for a similar getaway!

  6. Okanagan camping trips bring back memories of my childhood vacations. It's such a stunning part of BC. I think that area would be my first choice of a place to live if I didn't have to consider family and jobs. I love the hot summers and the winters that actually have snow instead of rain. You look like you had a wonderful time there.

  7. What a wonderful getaway!! I'm jealous :-) I do miss camping but we never graduated to a trailer and my dear hubby just can't sleep on the ground anymore

  8. Oh how absolutely beautiful! I would love to go back to Okanagan Valley again some day! Our daughter and her hubby were just there last week celebrating his 30th birthday - did you see them? They loved it too!

  9. Wow! We do have so many beautiful places quite close to home! And to think one could almost get a taste of the Mediterranean makes me smile
    and makes me happy too. Those vineyards are beautiful and it looks like you know how to make the moments special.

  10. Wow! What beautiful country!!!!! And such a lovely place to camp. I need some grandparents who will take my kids camping. :) Maybe someday they will get that experience. My parents took us frequently when I was young. Just had a friend return from Vancouver and she brought me chocolates from Rogers. I figured you would know about those. Yummy!

  11. What a beautiful campsite you found. I've only ever visited that part of the province once, several years ago, to attend a church course at Naramatta. It was heavenly!

  12. Oh my Lovella! This made me want to book the first flight across the country! What lovely countryside you all live in! My daughter and her husband are camping in Maine, and they think it is the most beautiful land in the country, but I think you have found an equal to their campsite. I so enjoyed every picture, and the heart that you shared with your words. The picture of you and your husband says so much! Thanks so much for sharing your joy with us.


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