working the soil

The kale had served us well. 
All winter it produced and in spring it took off again.  I was making kale salads and found it hard to pull out the old to make room for the new...

the rototiller seemed to have it's own mind and anything I wanted saved had to be set aside.

Potatoes that were volunteering from last year...
were removed and replanted and we'll see how they feel about that.

I love watching the earth being turned over.
I just watched from the sidelines with my packets of seeds and starter plants all in a row.

I've been using rhubarb and I'm happy to say that since this picture was taken...
the plants have been taken down a notch.

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago and now I spend a bit of time in the garden every few days...
picking out weeds and finding joy in the new seedlings.

It's a good thing...
growing food.

all for now..


  1. Growing one's own food is a really good thing. I hope we can get our garden started soon. I must buy seeds first though. ;) Enjoy the weekend.

  2. That rhubarb patch is gigantic!

  3. After turning our vegetable bed by hand I am jealous of Terry's mechanical soil turning aid. Of course I am also proud that I was *still* able to do it by myself. Calories were burned, muscles were firmed, or at least that was what I said to myself as I ate a reward cookie or two.

  4. Growing food is a very good thing. We're enjoying lettuce and radishes from the garden these days. Enjoy puttering in your garden.

  5. I'm thinking that tilling the soil and gardening can bring you closer to the Master Gardener!

  6. I agree... growing food is indeed a good thing.
    By the looks of that kale and rhubarb your soil is healthy and fertile.

  7. I agree...that growing food is a very good thing! I sat on edge of the planter box today and ate fresh strawberries with the grands...and then we picked herbs and sniffed them all. Fresh garden produce is just the best. And your rhubarb takes the prize!!! Gigantuous!

  8. That rhubarb! I imagine the pies and squares that came from that - lucky family!

  9. Someday, I would love to have shoot of your rhubarb plant. That's looks so healthy. By the time I,m home, we will be eating fresh potatoes.
    For now I'm eating Freahly baked German pretzels. No zweibach here.

  10. Lovella,
    Thank you so much for your gracious generosity in making Nanaimo bars and for spoiling us with beautiful peonies from your garden! Your gifts made the shower extra special.

  11. Your gardening pictures could have been taken over here just last week (we sure are a few weeks behind you). I just got my seeds in the ground last week and even finished putting in a few this morning. Now we are getting a nice warm rain - perfect! My rhubarb is really good this year too and I've been picking and sharing quite a lot of it.


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