the morning routine

I happened to have a few loaves of Paska left in the freezer for such an eventuality as welcomed small house guests.

It's a favourite.

They like my Paska.

I also make "hafer-flocken" ...oatmeal.

Here is a direct quote which I hear everytime I make them...
"mommy makes it better".

I love that!  

How hard is it to make oatmeal?

I use milk.. and add brown sugar... what do I do different?

Every mom has to have their speciality.

After breakfast we brush our teeth.

I brush mine in the bathroom...

just sayin".

And then ...
when they are all dressed ...
have curls arranged and hair combed...
they chat with mommy.

It's different than her regular alarm clock and judging from her smile...
she loves this one to bits!

At the end of the day I sit outside their rooms after they are tucked in.
I get now why my mom always sat outside our boys rooms when she babysat...
when they open their doors to say one more thing...
you are right there.  

The other reason is that when the doors are closed and they are all alone...
I can hear them sing.

The littlest tonight kept repeating...
"no turning back... no turning back"...

I sang out ... I have decided to follow Jesus....
and he responded ...
"no turning back... no turning back".

Hands down... 
the best quote of the day.
Praying he sings that song his whole life.

all for now...
with love,


  1. Oh I backed out sniffling like an old lady first time this morning. Your posts have that effect on me from time to time. What a sweet photo of mama and her kids! The week is moving right along, though, isn't it? Flying even. Keep having fun and keep singing.

  2. Precious, every moment! We've had a few of those "Nana makes it better/YOU make it better" discussions here at our house, too!

  3. Not a dry eye here - this is so precious!! Lovella - your love in these pictures is overflowing - I am so touched! Yes, as Vee says, keep singing! Hugs and prayers....

  4. Hmm, my comment seems to have disappeared! I just wanted to say that these little ones are so blessed to be loved by you! Sniffling here too...

  5. Nice, Lovella, they are loving their time at Grammie's I can tell. About the oatmeal - my kids always told me that Grandma's was better. I too was mystified until I rationalized that it was eating it in Grandma's kitchen that they loved!

  6. Love how you are documenting their days for their sweet Mama.....what a precious week this is turning out to be!

  7. Most precious! Keep singing...keep smiling...keep documenting...and enjoy the moments!

  8. So precious! No turning back! May God keep him strong all his days and keep him moving forward with the Lord!

  9. What a wonderful memory to have of singing worship songs with one's grandparents in their home. Wouldn't we have loved to have such a memory with our own grandparents?

  10. You might want to try playing a round of "Why my toddler is out of bed" bingo while you sit outside the door.

    1. So funny Jill, I could have almost had a bingo tonight. I'll try again tomorrow.

  11. Okay.. this is just too sweet and I've had to read every comment as well. I know another little boy who is a lot like that littlest one and I think they could become good friends... singing together. Yes... may they always sing that song their whole life long. I'm glad you are writing down these precious moments. This too is a way of giving thanks.

  12. I often get to chat with your two oldest at school. They are a delight :)

  13. These photos remind me of some of my posts years ago. They are so special.

  14. It just makes me happy looking at this post, the carefree spirit, and the endless energy of the little ones. I am so happy that you share parts of your life with us. Your pictures are so good, and before
    you know it they will be all grown up:(


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