the lilies

hello friends...

are you prone to worry?

I confess I am.

When the truths of the Bible pair so beautifully with what I see on my knees in my garden...
I naturally reach for my camera to create something beautiful to use a visual reminder of God's care for lilies...

and for all those I hold most dear.

all for now...


  1. A lovely reminder... It makes no sense to worry put this way; on the other hand, it's only easy not to worry when everything is going along tickety-boo. God is good. We can trust Him.

  2. Beautiful visual to go with God's truth!

  3. So pretty! And such a good reminder to 'just keep trusting the Lord'!

  4. I love lily of the valley and mine are just starting to show blooms so it won't be long and I can pick some. Such a sweet smell. And yes, I'm a worrier but not as much as my dearest. :) I can always use reminders from scripture not to worry. Blessings. Pam

  5. A beautiful image and reminder Lovella!! Truths of the Bible and being on your knees in the Garden - I love this! Hugs and prayers to you....

  6. He who clothes the lilies also cares for us "of little faith". Why worry when our God can hold the whole earth in one hand!
    Lovely reminder, Lovella !

  7. My hand is raised to being a worrier. God's word sheds such good light on life. Such delicate flowers.


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