loving lilacs

I love lilacs.

They make me think of my mom and the hedge row of old fashioned spring bushes that divided our lawn from the vegetable garden on the farm I grew up on.

The first bush was forsythia, then bridal wreath, then japonica and snowballs and then nearest the road was the purple lilac.

My lilacs are all but finished for spring 2014.

Are the lilacs still blooming at your house?

Maybe I'll pop on over and take in the scent over a cup of tea.

all for now...


  1. This is a lovely bouquet and I'm sure the scent was wonderful too. The lilacs aren't even blooming here yet so you'd have time to even drive across the country to smell them. :) They should be in bloom in a week or so. I don't have a lilac shrub anymore but would love to plant one if the deer don't eat it. Have a lovely day.

  2. My lilac was accidentally "trimmed" by a kind friend last year so it only produced about 5 blooms this year but maybe next year more will come!!!! It's the one my dad gave me when Laura was born and it always blooms on her birthday week. :) Last night I saw from a distance a massive, massive group of blooming lilacs. Would have loved to stop and smell them! I also see these shrub lilacs which are popular -- I'm not too keen on how they look but they do smell wonderful. When I smell the lilacs I always see the ancient bush in my childhood backyard that actually had spaces for us to crawl inside and play house.

  3. They have only just begun. What a darling bouquet!

  4. I can almost catch a whiff from here! My 'Miss Kim' lilac is still in bloom and giving off a lovely scent...though (like Heather) it got pruned a little too enthusiastically and isn't putting on a big show this year.

  5. I came home to my lilacs that are all spent but I'm still excited that there were 5 blooms this year instead of just one. Yours are a beautiful color. Lovely bouquet!

  6. So pretty! Mine aren't quite open yet (it's warm today so maybe by the end of the week?). I love, love lilacs and have a very old fashioned dark purple bush. Enjoy your tea!

  7. Love the deep color of your lilacs! I've been enjoying ours as well . . . knowing the season is almost over. Love that unexpected scent wafting through the air.

  8. Our lilacs are still blooming, and the air is wonderfully scented when the sun hits the bush in the early morning. It's such a treat.


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