Living in the moment on the Victoria Day long weekend 2014

Seeing the peony buds swell!

Roses ...
sweet roses. 

Hearing happy chatter while we are still at the table and then finding that they found their own place for eating ice cream cones.

Eavesdropping on the discussions about broken wheels. 

Giggles... lots of giggles.
Live in the moment and enjoy each gift that brings you joy.

Happy Victoria Day to you...
and yours.

..all for now.


  1. Happy Victoria Day to you and yours! Looks like you have had lots of fun already...

  2. = D

    Look at that face! Delight written all over it. If Victoria Day heralds the beginning of summer in Canada the way Memorial Day does in the US, you're off to a happy start.

  3. Wonderful family times. And look at the nice weather too! Enjoy.

  4. Happy Victoria Day to you and your family, too, Lovella. It looks like you got sunshine for the weekend too!

  5. Happy Victoria Day. Looks like your grandkids really have a lot of fun together. Isn't it fun seeing them growing up!

  6. Fun!

    My son shares a birthday with Queen Victoria (May 24th). Our Canadian relatives think that's pretty neat, so do I.

    Have a wonderful day.


  7. For sure a happy start to summer time fun! It's such a delight to watch cousins play together! You have the best peony garden and your roses will also continue to bring joy in the months to come!

  8. Love seeing the happy faces and blooming garden. Will we be treated to photos of a traditional Canada Victoria Day menu?

  9. Children's giggles always make my day. I needed this today. The blooming garden helped too. Thank you!

  10. It looks like you all had the happiest Victoria Day over there! You are about to enjoy a bumper crop of peony blooms. Wow!

  11. This is one post of many interesting views. Keep clicking away. These are the memories we get to cherish..forever.

  12. Love the pic of the kids eating ice-cream!!! Also love seeing your peony buds!!! My sister and I were just admiring my row of peonies -- it grows every year. Just a week or two until they bloom!! Next week we are doing a wedding for a friend at church and she is having white peonies in everything. It should be beautiful!!!


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