lawnmower shopping... with help

This week we'll have the pleasure of the three littles visiting the farm.

The week will fly by and soon the family of five will be all snuggled in their beds under one roof...
once more.

In the meantime...
life on the farm must go on.

There has been talk of the need of a new lawnmower for several years.
It's been limping and choking and sometimes croaking in the middle of the field.

We took the two youngest tots lawnmower shopping on Friday while the oldest one was learning his ABC's at school.

After trying all the lawnmowers in the showroom...
they ventured outside to test each and everything on four wheels.

They might have thought that we should be shopping for larger and fancier options...

ones that would allow for working in sandals and summer dresses.

They tried to talk us into the big one with the ladder and a seat for little helpers...

and the ones to hide in.

Two lawnmowers came home to test.

One bigger than the other.

For the one that loves to buzz over the lawn usually several times a week until the summer sunshine slows down the buzzing...

the lawnmower must be able to zip around trees..

and get in the small spaces.

It must fit underneath...

and pick up every last blade....

and fallen petal.

It has to be able to fit under the fence to keep the trimming to a minimum.

It must back up quickly...

and turn with one finger.

If it can't do all that...
because it is too big...

... it will probably go back on the trailer to where it came from.

While he tested... 

I took in the scent of the lilacs and the pink dogwood.


The big red oak is letting out its leaves.

Mt. Baker still has its snow cap but here in the valley...

we have spring.

Sometimes spring comes in the way of sunshine...

and sometimes it comes in the way of rain. 

Last week was the sunshine week and it was a good thing the lawns had plenty of attention because this week we are back to Fraser Valley spring and we'll wear rubber boots and wear our slickers as we tromp around the farm.

all for now...
with love,


  1. That is so great that you can bring a couple home to test out before your purchase! Your yard looks so full of Spring!

  2. Those lawn mowers all look mighty fine!!! Ours is on it's last legs as well - I dare not show this to the farmer or he will start to drool! Your Spring has sprung much more than ours but hey, the sun is shining today, so there IS hope! Have a wonderful week with those sweet grands - hope all goes well.

  3. Sandals, summer dress and "pearls" too! So cute!! That is quite the lawnmower! My hubby would be a little bit 'green with envy' seeing that one. :) I can't believe the beautiful green grass, trees in flower etc. there. It's really beautiful.

  4. What a great diversion for two wee ones. I imagine the one Terry is testing there is a dite too big? I even switched my lawnmower after twenty years for a smaller one that will fit better in the narrow places. (Course, I push mine.) Enjoy the duck weather best you can.

  5. My bet is that he took the first demo...but I'm sure you will let us know. It's so cute how you took the grands along to check out the latest JD's We are always happy when we don't need an extra small lawnmower for edging and it's important that it can bag wet grass also...I got it! We just did a backyard reno and all the landscaping is created with curves so that the JD fits perfectly...
    The big one could be used for cleaning as you know they need several JD's. just like us women need all our kitchen utensils...except that we can purchase many kitchen appliances for the cost of one JD!.. Enjoy!

  6. What an exciting decision making process for the next to next generation to be part of! Who would have known there were so many pre-requisites in shopping for a lawnmower . . . and that bigger is not always better? Love the pearls!

  7. And the winner is...? We are wondering over here what the final decision was. We have an X730 with an hydraulic blade to push up the feed in the feed alley...and an X530 to mow lawns. The grands next door seem to think the 730 is an ATV.

    It's looking lovely over there!

    1. Judy, I just saw him buzzing by and read the numbers. It's a 540 that was lucky enough to stay. The other one just didn't cut it for his requirements. He said if he could two.. he would. One for those nice long stretches and one for all the bends and curves. =)

  8. The Great Dane likes his little tractor-mower but I have no idea what the make or model is. I'm always glad when it comes out. TGD missed the window of opportunity that last week's sunny weather afforded and in consequence, our lawn is very shaggy!

  9. Looking at each one of your beautifully captures photos, I think any lawn mower would be happy to be chosen for the job. Your landscaping looks like a magazine page!


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