Fairy Garden

Not only did I have the sweetest little visit from two small fairies on Mother's Day...
I was left with a garden to tend in their absence.

Tiny foliage...
tiny furniture...
that was planted and created ....

to make me smile...
and feel loved.

If I tend it...
will they come?

all for now...


  1. If fairies are smart they would know your place is the place to be. Tempt them with some fairy sized paska!

  2. What a lovely little piece of whimsy!

  3. If they know that there might be some Paska crumbs or some Platz crumbs, I think they might!

  4. Very sweet.....I'm sure they will come and dance about:)

  5. Oh, how sweet!!! Sprinkle some fairy dust and they will surely come. Maybe you'll have to make fairy noodles too?

  6. You tend it...they'll come! Love it!

  7. Oh yes, I'm sure that both fairies and sweet little ones will return again and again to such a whimsical garden.

  8. That is a sweet fairy garden! I love the tiny furniture which must have taken a lot of patience to build. I hope you have tiny visitors to your garden. Enjoy the weekend.


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