dust cover happiness

People are asking us now and then if we are working on a new project...
and the answer is no we're not.

With nothing new on the horizon we were pleasantly surprised to get mail from MennoMedia letting us know that they had been thinking about us.

They have been meeting with book buyers and who strongly encouraged them to put dust covers and matte hard covers on our cookbooks to reach new markets..

They took this advice right to the design team and they  immediately began to work on designing a new dust cover and a new look for the hard cover.

I was thrilled!
The cookbooks that I have collected over the years have dust cover and a matte hard cover and somehow when we began talking about making our first cookbook...
I envisioned it to have a dust cover.

Since book One was ready for a reprint ...
it was the perfect time for MennoMedia to make the change.

I have enough of our first printing books tucked away to give one to each grandchild when they are old enough to set up their own homes.

I'll still use my original book in my kitchen.
It is beginning to look like a well loved and well used book.

While I was baking up Rhubarb Bars for a big dinner for those that serve so diligently on our church board...
I used the new covered book that they sent me and then took it to the bookshelf where I lined it up  with all the other cookbooks tucked into their dust covers.

The newest printing has been done in Canada and stays open beautifully.

When I think of how it has allowed us to build a greenhouse at an orphanage in the Ukraine...
and will continue to help hungry children..
I'm thankful that a reprint was necessary.

In the end...
it's not about what we prefer but what matters most is knowing that God can use our all that we offer and increase it in ways we never imagine to help children.

all for now...


  1. Well that is interesting. And I think it is important to have a standard. Of course, I usually remove all dust jackets since I prefer the look of the book itself. I have wished that you would do bars and squares. They are my go-to recipes for an event and my mother worked on creating such a book for her family. The recipe you are making this morning looks so yummy!

  2. I love both my MGCC cookbooks - and I love the look of that bar recipe!

  3. Congratulations on another printing, Lovella! I love this cookbook!

  4. Congratulations to you all once again! I love how God continues to bless your work and get more copies out to the world. I like how you saved copies for your grandchildren, and I find it most tempting to see those "ready for the oven" bars on your counter. They look so delicious!!!


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