the sunshine

Last week we went to Vancouver for a few days.
The sun came out on the last morning there and we did what we most enjoy there.
We walked and stopped for coffee and enjoyed the beauty of the city in the sunshine.

We love the walk around coal harbour.

Looking towards Stanley Park we walk the seawall.

The city is blooming! 

This week we are in for some warm weather on the west coast. 
Flip flops are ready!

all for now..


  1. Beautiful views from Vancouver, Lovella. Enjoy the upcoming weather!

  2. (Had such trouble commenting last night that I decided to wait and try again.) It looks beautifully springy in Vancouver. Sorry that there were so many days of rain prior to this beautiful sunny one. You always look fabulous, Lovella. Enjoy the "summer days"!

  3. There is nothing more romantic than walking the seawall in Vancouver enjoying the blooms of spring...Mind you we don't, but love to cycle it instead. Enjoy the sun this week.

  4. Glad you had a bit of time in the city! It is so beautiful there now with all the tress popping in lime green and pink blossoms everywhere. We were there on Sunday. Had such a nice time!

  5. It looks like spring is full on there on the west coast. I love the view of the sea wall on the harbour. One of the prettiest in Vancouver. It's been very cool, windy and wet here and spring is lagging way behind this year. Looking forward to some nicer weather in May!

  6. Beautiful views of a fabulous city! I have fond memories of walking the sea wall last summer. You look amazing Lovella - enjoy your Spring!!!

  7. I love that seawall walk!
    We are in for sun all over this weekend - can't wait for it!

  8. These pics of Vancouver take me back to our summer visit 2 years ago. It was a beautiful day then too. Great pictures!

  9. Now that you shared the seawall walk, I want to walk it. This post felt so relaxing and invigorating. The picture of you and the flowers is beautiful!


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