Pillowcase Tutorial

There is still time to make your sweet littles a new pillowcase for Easter.
If you have a sewing machine  and a few hours of time  you can make this pillowcase.
It is a simple project that only needs some careful cutting and some  straight seams. 
Using a  French Seam technique will make this pillowcase  wash and wear for years!

A cheerful holiday inspired pillowcase will make them...
and you smile.

Look for cotton fabric 42 to 45 inches wide.  For each pillowcase you will need the following pieces.
(For the purposes of this tutorial, I will give the measurements for 44 inches wide but the fabric you cut can be 28 X 42 and so on.)

Before you begin to cut your fabric wash it in warm water and dry it in the dryer.
Iron the fabric pieces flat.

  • 28 X 44  inches for the main part 
  • 10 X 44 inches for the cuff (the pink)
  • 2 X 44 inches for the trim (the green part)
  • 28 inches of lace (optional)

Cut each piece precisely using a rotary cutter and a mat if possible.
Place the cuff piece right side up.  The long side should be at the top.
Iron the trim piece in half lengthwise wrong sides together.

Place the trim piece raw edges even with the top of the cuff piece.
Place the main part of the pillowcase right side down placing the raw edge with the other raw edges.
Pin all the raw edges together.

Roll the main part of the pillowcase up ....

Bring the bottom of the cuff up with the main part of the pillowcase tucked inside.

Pin all the raw edges together  making sure they are perfectly aligned.
Sew those raw edges together along the long side using a straight seam 1/2 inch from the edge.

Gently tug the main part of the pillowcase out from the roll.
Lay it flat and iron it. 

Your cuff will now be finished with no seams seen on either the right or wrong side.

Fold the pillowcase in half, wrong sides together.

Trim the raw edges to make them perfectly straight and even.

If you decide you want to tuck in some lace or extra trim, you would tuck it in now and sew the trim down towards the cuff.

Pin the raw edges together paying particular attention where the cuff and the trim meets.

You are now going to make a simple french seam to enclose all the raw edges inside your pillowcase.
With the raw edges pinned together and wrong sides together, sew 1/4 inch seam down the side,  and the bottom of the pillowcase.

Turn the pillowcase inside out so that the wrong sides are now out. 
Sew along the pressed edge about 1/2 inch.

Turn the pillowcase the right side out and press.
Tuck a soft pillow inside ...
and kiss the little sleepy heads good night!


  1. This is a great method for creating pillowcases. Yours turned out so beautifully! Your tutorial is very easy to follow.

  2. love them ... might have to go to the fabric store ... thanks for another great idea.

  3. This is a great tutorial and the pillow cases are really pretty!

  4. Sweet idea. I've heard of Christmas pillowcases, but not Easter ones. Such pretty fabrics.

  5. So pretty! Great tutorial Lovella...I made some similar ones many years ago for nieces and nephews. I must do this again sometime! Your's turned out perfect - sweet bunnykin dreams to all! Love your header and background.

  6. Nice blog banner!

    I made pillow cases for my nieces and nephew one year for Christmas to put in their stockings. I eagerly anticipated them wrapping their favourite pillows in the special fabrics that I chose just for them, which reflected their favourite movies or toys. Maybe they were too young to appreciate them....the pillowcases hit the floor with a thud. Am not sure who was more disappointed...Aunty Maureen or the kids who probably wished for something more flashy in their stocking! Aunty Maureen got over it and I still think it's a great idea!

  7. I'm loving your template with this post! The colors are perfectly matched with your pretty pillowcases.

  8. What cute little masterpieces! I know your grandchildren will really like these. The colors and the fabric design are perfect for little ones!

  9. Oh so cute. There with be 5 littles cuddling pillows next week.

  10. Thank you for the pictorial tutorial. I am visual and the pictures really do help me. The pillowcases are so cute. I hope to find time for my much neglected sewing machine. I find that I long to sew, but just can't seem to find the time. Perhaps this will kick me into gear.
    thanks so much.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted


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