There was a very talented young mexican woman that came each day and set up her painting booth.

She would display various items to paint and then hand out brushes and sit very quietly and I am sure...
did some inward groaning...
while young and not so young people tried to replicate the finished products she had for sale.

It was a big project for little people that could hear the splashing in the pool right near by.

When one colour seemed like a good place to start...
it seemed that another colour then called their names.

Right about the time the rain started it was near lunch time and the painting hut suddenly had plenty of room.

While the youngsters left...
there was one Mom left finishing their project.

When the rain began to make the fresh paint drip...
she left the project in the capable hands of the young mexican artist.

The next morning it she arrived back with all the projects.
Every evening...
she makes the beginner painter look like a pro.

I am sorry I don't have photos of the finished projects.
Next time I visit the grands...
I'll take photos of their projects in their home...
and I'll share it with you then.

all for now...


  1. It is good to do a variety of things, I'm thinking. To drink in as much of the experience as possible. Looking forward to one day seeing the finished projects.

    Now I must run off to make some jello "drinks" for this afternoon's snack time. I had already decided that the "goody" can contain carrots instead of cookies today, but this will be one more thing.

  2. What a neat paint hut that lady had for the kids at the resort. Never a dull moment and a take home craft will be proudly displayed filled with memories to tell of a fun day under the paint hut.

  3. I'm impressed with the variety of fun you can have at the beach. Sort of like family Bible camp!

  4. Another wonderful idea for family must have been at a really great resort that provided these wonderful ideas. We used to do this on our camping weekends and it was so much fun (mostly painting on stones and drift wood etc.). Fun times!!

  5. This painting idea was a great one! What fun for those little ones to create their own painting project in the midst of a family vacation. So much creativity in your vacation.


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