Easter 2014

They came on Sunday to celebrate Easter. 

After filling up on Turkey dinner...
they were ready to wear off some of their daily quota of unused energy....
before diving into the last batch of Paska!

While they waited patiently inside...
the eggs were tucked here and there ...
and low.

They don't care if they find plastic empty eggs or shiny foil covered chocolate ones.

They hardly notice that the eggs they find and tuck into their basket...
are then picked out of their basket while they are not looking..
and re-hidden to keep the hunt last as long as possible.

I was thankful for so many things.
The weather cooperated which was like icing on the cake  Paska!

We were able to find a day that suited everyone!
We had more than enough for one family to eat!
Everyone had a good appetite!

Incredible blessings!

We celebrate a risen Saviour.

Our lives are not without challenges but those things we face we face together as a family who believes God is able to give strength for each day...
and joy and peace in the midst of it all.

all for now...


  1. Happy Easter, Lovella! Love to see the happy faces of kids on an egg hunt!


  2. A great way to document the annual egg hunt - everyone is growing and growing!!! Such fun!

  3. It looks like a wonderful time with the family and perfect weather too. Have a nice week ahead. Pamela

  4. My goodness but those children are growing! We had an Easter egg hunt in Edmonton too, but it was indoors. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

  5. What fun those hunts are! Everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. Glad the weather cooperated! I love Resurrection Sunday!!

  6. Your last sentences said it well. I enjoyed stepping inside your family celebration for a few moments. Lovely pictures!

  7. That was so well said. It appears that it was a beautiful day all the way around. I enjoyed seeing the sweet Easter outfits and hearing about your delicious Paska. (Alas, mine was a serious disappointment this year. Oh well. The cook was thinking other thoughts apparently.)

  8. It looks like a joyous, meaningful and lovely Easter celebration was had over there on the farm! Hunting for eggs never seems to lose its appeal. Your grands are growing up right before our eyes. Great pic's...as always!

  9. I will have to remember that trick of rehiding the eggs!! How fun!

  10. The hunt is never long enough...and most of the fun is for the person hiding it...as the years go on, the challenge of hiding them becomes more adventuresome. Some beautiful photos.


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