sunscreen and lip balm

While we were saving lounge chairs at the beach...
the sunscreen was applied before any fun in the sun commenced.

The women were definitely in charge of making that everyone was well protected.

The best splurge I purchased before going was a couple of solid sunscreen sticks.

Every few hours...
little ones were called back to get a fresh application.

It worked well and was easy to apply.

Everyone wanted a chance to apply.

And then there was this guy.

He has a thing about borrowing my lip balm...
at home...
and apparently on vacation.

I couldn't keep track of how many times he came to reapply.

When he finished reapplying to his own lips...

he made the rounds and we all got to have our lips ... balmed.

The good news...
is that he introduced a bit of sand in his applications so our lips were not only well balmed...
but also no dead skin had any chance to linger.

the photos of what Canadians do when it rains on the beach.

all for now...


  1. It is important to be sun aware and to make children aware of the dangers of too much sun. My very blonde brother has had malignant melanoma a few times and several surgeries to remove them. Scary stuff when you're blonde or fair skinned. I like the Slip. Slap. Slop. saying.

  2. Wise indeed! Nothing like family lip balm...tha's so cute. What sweet photos!

    1. No, I have not developed a Scottish accent. Only my typing has!

  3. I love the application of your balming experience....what is it about little boys and lip balm? I can't keep enough in my house. Maybe it's their version of lipstick? Keeping those little ones protected becomes a constant challenge...and I hear you about the sand. Ouch! I usually purchase the spf water shirts for them, which helps significantly.

  4. It would not be fun to have to deal with sunburns while at the beach for several days. So wise to keep that ritual of blocking going!

  5. So cute about the lip balming!! Good idea to keep applying the sunscreen and that stick method looks like a terrific idea. Oh what fun you all must have had! Hope your baking lesson goes well today!!

  6. Almost like face painting. I love the photo of your DIL and KM...darling....both of them!!!! must have all the brought along the right lip balm....and the cutest little lip balm applicator.
    BTW...I like your new background...and am interested to see what adventures come along with the rains.


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