snuggles on the beach

We liked the spot right beside the lifeguard tower.
He liked that ladder.
His mom took great delight in stopping the climb up.

Hopping mad at the interruption...
quickly turned to giggles and smooches.

Little children...
little problems...
is what they say.

It's true.

I still laugh...
because he had completely forgotten what he had hoped to achieve.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be ...
nine months + 2 1/2 years pregnant?
I can't either...
and yet I wondered what it would be like ...
that day on the beach.

There was a conversation I couldn't hear...

but through the lens of my camera I could see it was sweet.

I doubt they knew I was there.

It seems that there should be some award for the snuggliest on the beach.

but even when you are a grammie and grandpa...
you still sometimes find that one beach chair is better than two.

Have we nearly exhausted all the possible beach topics already?


Tomorrow we'll take a look at the craft hut!

all for now..


  1. Beautiful photos! Beautiful family.

  2. Makes me smile... Those photos are treasures!

  3. Made me smile too! Beautiful pic's...a treasure trove of memories.

  4. Wonderful captures of great one on one moments!

  5. Family love - you've captured some beautiful moments Lovella!!!

  6. Sweet moments of your amazing family vacation. Beautiful!

  7. You've beautifully captured the special bond between a mom and her child! The love that ties her heart to her children forever and giving them a chance to really know a love that they can pass on.

  8. I hope you never exhaust your beach conversations. I so enjoyed the privilege of stepping into your vacation world for a few minutes on this cold, wet evening. Each picture was so well captured and depict the joy and love within your family. Love the last picture of your two on the lounge chair.


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