Who can go to the beach without playing in the sand?
there was a fair bit of serious digging and sculpting by the kids...
big and small.

Tunnels ...

and lots of turrets.

Even after the littles lost interest...
the grown ups stayed to complete the daily project.

The demolition crew was always near by...

and sometimes they found themselves ...

The little sand angel was always near by.

mermaids would appear on the beach.

These days reminded me of when our boys were little.
We would camp with friends and the dad's were always on the beach then...
playing with the littles...
and this holiday was no different.

On top of beach play duty...
my beloved would get up at six to save front row beach chairs.

I held the camera...
and saved a spot on my lounge chair for rotating visits.

we'll talk about sunscreen and lip balm.

all for now...


  1. Hi Lovella, I like your new background page with the pretty sailboats. Your beach photos are wonderful and the sand looks like powdered sugar. What fun you all had on that lovely sandy beach.

  2. These pictures just made me say "ahhhhhhhhh." I hope that the rest and relaxation of those vacation days is still having a peace-inducing benefit for you all... (I did wonder what the couple in the water were looking up at, especially since none of your family was looking up.)

  3. Sun and Sand - warmest of memories. Hope your tans aren't fading too quickly!!! I love seeing all the beach pictures!

  4. Those are some serious sand castle builders. What perfect family fun for all ages. I can imagine how happily the children played everyday:)

  5. I can totally identify with all those sand stages. I always admire how the big men get out their real shovels to make man size castles....What a perfect way to enjoy the sand at the beach and never need to worry about cleaning up all the little messes. Perfect way for young and old to be entertained.

  6. What fun all the "kids" had on the beach. Love seeing the fun times!

  7. There is just nothing like a vacation on the beach! Sandcastles and catching the tide will surely have to be on the list for a future vacation! I love how you have documented these precious times!


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