holding meetings and hands and good value for a magazine purchase

I found it fascinating to watch the close interaction between cousins...

Dad's and their kids...


and sometimes...
I just walked behind them as closely as I could...

trying to listen to conversations...

and enjoying the close bond they clearly share.

My beloved brought along one Classic Truck magazine.
He didn't think he'd have time to read a book and by the end of the trip we all knew that magazine inside and out.

Little Oh...
insisted on having it read.....
many times.
I learned about good welds and bad welds and the best welds.
I told the story about the old rusted car that came out of the old barn and was carted on a trailer to become a rod.

The pages were already coming out and he knew if one was missing.

After dinner in the evenings...
the children walked back together in the dark.

No one told them to hold hands...
they just did because they wanted to.

There was some cuddling on the beach too.. 
and I'll share some of those next week.

all for now..


  1. Beautiful times! So sweet to see the children so loving with each other. Great bonding times. I hope they will always be so close!


  2. I've so enjoyed your pictures and notes all week. What great memories for you to treasure.

  3. Be still my heart! This is so sweet. The best of times and memories forever - you loving observations are just delightful Lovella!

  4. Sweet!! How special that the siblings and cousins are so close.

  5. Oh, I think that these precious photos are my favorites so far! Beautiful!

  6. Loved seeing your littles holding and and walking and talking together. What a wonderful time you all had...you will all never forget this family vacation.

  7. Such sweet photos of the cousins and sibs enjoying each others company...

  8. it warms a grandmother's heart. So adorable. May the friendships last forever!

  9. Having a peek here... I feel almost like you are writing about my week! Cousins holding hands . . . Just before I came in now to get lunch done up, Teddy walked by telling her dad in language he understood to be that she was holding Koen's hand... sometimes you wish you could rewind and take a photo.
    Your photos tell a thousand words ... I understand the beautiful words left unspoken.

  10. So sweet!! and Grandma is recording all the beautiful memories!

  11. Awwwe...the sweet memories! Captured so beautifully and documented right here.


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