a little rain doesn't bother us

If you know me...
 you know I get a little excited when a storm is brewing.
I've been told that either a person is better or worse in a windstorm...
and I kind of guess...
I'm better. 

While others ran for cover in the warm sunshine rain..
we all stayed put on the beach.
While others stood under canopies waiting for the shower to end so they could walk back to the beach...
we happily headed back to the beach in the rain...
since we didn't seem to stay dry on the beach regardless.

A beach big enough for a resort full of people and 11 people using it...
is not a bad thing.

I admit...
using a kindle is better when your surroundings are dry...
so I was prepared for that as well.

Remember him?
He kept busy collecting rain water.

You can just never tell when you will need a drop...

to drink...

and catch with a pink little tongue.

OH.. look..
someone else on the beach must of had a camera and caught the umbrella ...
turned inside out.

Good times!

Let's see...
what should we talk about tomorrow?

There was plenty of photo bombing too...
in a sneaky kind of way!

all for now..


  1. It must have been a really warm wind and rain to stay and enjoy the beach. Love the pics of your grandson catching the drips.

  2. All your pictures make me happy!!! I'm SO glad you all got to do this. What special memories. Can't believe Terry got up at 6 to save chairs, but then I can believe it.

  3. I'm enjoying your trip review! Looks like the stuff of refreshment for body, soul and spirit. Great pics too!

  4. Catching drops keeps him very busy! How handy! As long as it was a warm rain, I think I might have enjoyed the nearly abandoned beach. I used to love swimming in the rain.

  5. Glad you had that umbrella while you took photos, too! Wonderful photos!

  6. Great photos...great times...rain or shine. I knew you would be hoping for a bit of a storm...and lucky you!

  7. Awesome pictures Lovella! The inside out umbrella one is my favourite - framable I'd say! Warm rains on a beach and tasting rain drops sounds perfect.

  8. haha - crazy Canadians!! Never let the weather get you down. Cute bathing suit btw!

  9. What great photos! I'm laughing at the inside-out-umbrella pic. We had one big rain storm in Palm Springs as well...and I have an inside-out umbrella to show for it. (No photo though!)


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