8 X 10 glossy photos

One of the more entertaining parts of the beach fun was the on site photographer that came by each day with an assortment of live photo ops and ideas for staging family fun times.

They are not particularly fond of parents in the background taking photos of you taking photos of them taking photos of your kids.

What they don't realize of course...
is that they are part of memory of our vacation for these children.

Hearing them encourage the children to get on top of "mammy and pappy"...
and see them demonstrate the angles was most amusing for the parents and the children and of course for those of us who documented it all from our beach chairs.

When the photographer had them stacked up to his satisfaction he clicked away all the while calling out encouragement that only made them laugh because of the words he chose.

Why go to the zoo and look at funny monkeys when they arrive on a leash to visit with you?

The children lined up to take their turn...
feeling both nervous and excited and of course a few glossy photos from the shop were paid for and carted home in a photo envelope for them to show classmates and other little friends.

Who would believe that boy if he told a total stranger that he entertained a monkey on his head last week?

This I know...
when I visit them at their house...
their stories of lizards and monkeys and parrots will be described with great animation and they will be pulling out their 8 X 10 glossy photos which show them to be brave and fun little children!

meetings on the beach.

all for now...


  1. I had no idea that there are paid photographers on the beach to take your photos. I've never been to Florida or Mexico so this is new to me. I have seen the monkeys and parrots before. It was neat that you took pics of the photographers as part of your memories. Oh what stories those children will have.

  2. Exactly! No one would believe it without the photos...what wonderful ones they are!

  3. These are fabulous pictures! And I love the angle you took -- photographs of the photographers doing their work. We are all just documenting our stories.

    Enjoy your time in the sun, Lovella. You have a beautiful family.

  4. Fun times - and sweet memories! When we were in Mexico, we had a group picture wearing sombreros. We actually had to "sneak" pictures with our own cameras. The photographers were pretty strict!

  5. Glossy photos from the photographer...and digital documentation from the chaise lounge. Perfect! What great memories for you all!

  6. Too funny. I'm impressed with the enterprising photographers making money on the beach!

  7. Lots of laughter and fun...and monkeying around....the kids are all so cute!

  8. This looks like so much fun and I like the pictures you "sneaked". So funny that you had to do that. The glossy pictures will be treasured by those sweet young ones.


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