such amazing love

Last weekend we had the most amazing stretch of January weather.
It was easy to believe that Spring had arrived.
The sun on the face felt gloriously warm as we sat outside each afternoon to sip hot coffee.

Thank you for praying for those mending up in our family.
Each day is better than the last and we continue to pray for complete healing.
The love and support has been an incredible encouragement.

This weekend...

we saw "our" Seahawks win...
which was apparently a big surprise.

I busied myself in the kitchen testing new appetizers ...
and found myself caught up in the game and think I might like football.

I felt sorry for Peyton Manning and the Bronco's...
such a big unexpected loss.

And then...
there was word that a dear blogging friend Kristen is nearing the end of her battle with cancer.
If you have not ever read her blog and her journey ....

I wanted to read the post out loud to my beloved.
I couldn't.
I see in Kristen such love.
She loves her family more than she loves herself.
She loves God more than anything.

What a legacy!

Please join me in praying for that which I know Kristen has been praying for.

all for now...


  1. Good morning Lovella. I thought that was a real helicopter at first. Those remote control ones are a lot of fun. I'm so sorry to read of your blog friend, Kristin. I visited her blog and read some of her posts. It is so very sad. Praying for her and her family. Blessings to you.

  2. So glad that your dear hearts are on the mend! Yay! God is so good.

    I will go and honor Kristen's story. There are so many and it is wrenching. One of my blogging buddy's sister is going through this. Her name is Lisa. She describes her long nights as "sitting in the lap of God." I imagine that Kristen does as well.

    1. I left no comment for the moment was so tender and I was an intruder. Such a profoundly beautiful post. She has given her children everything they need to carry on if they must move forward without her. It is all that any of us can hope for. As Corrie ten Boom said, "The worst can happen; the best remains."

  3. Those quotes from Vee are keepers. Praying for that dear soul...

  4. What an amazing quote from Corrie ten Boom! I also peeked in on the holy moment with Kristin and her family. What an amazing example she is of one who is walking through the valley of the shadow of death, trusting in her Saviour.

  5. So sad Lovella - I'm praying for her, her husband and family - may the Lord be such a deep comfort.

    Glad to know your loved ones are on the mend.

    It looks like springtime out on your coast. Not here :)

  6. Oh Lovella - I am so glad to hear that your loved ones are mending - on day at a time! I will read your friend's blog and whisper a prayer for her and her family. Still praying for yours too....

  7. We too have been praying...for your family and for Kristen and her family is these precious hours...yes... the best remains.

  8. I too love that quote from Corrie Ten Boom. If we are in God's hands...nothing can separate us from His love. Continuing to pray for Kristen...and your family's needs as well.

  9. I got such a chuckle out of KM in her lacy dress, pink tights and bike helmet. She has always reminded me of Haley Mills in all her movies, ultra girlie yet spunky as all get out. I hope she got/gets a turn at flying grandpa's new toy!

  10. This blog has many exciting things...Flying planes is most exciting. But most of all, reading the news about Kristen has touched many of our hearts in ways that one cannot describe. Sometimes it's hard to figure out the melange' of life.

  11. Continuing to think and pray for you all.....

  12. What an interesting post! I went from smiling at the fun of grandpa's new toy, to feeling hurt and sadness at all that Kristen has and is going through. It is so special to realize how many lives and hearts, she continues to touch in her journey. Thank you for sharing this.


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