We tried to remember when we had last painted the main living area in our bungalow and we couldn't remember exactly when it was ...
but it was after our kids got married but before grands began to arrive.
Next time we wonder... this change will be documented.

For the first time ever...
I had a colour consultant come to the house and help us decide what would and would not work. 
We chose Buttermilk.

Our house faces North and South and on a sunny day...
there is adequate light but on a cloudy day I find myself with lights on and wanted the space to be bright... light and airy.

Yellow has always been my favourite colour.
I wear it often and chose it for my bridesmaid's dresses and have painted rooms yellow over our 35 years...
 a few times.

The kitchen didn't change except the tea cup racks were painted white and moved from either side of the living room window to the cabinets on either side of the kitchen sink.
I've had people walk into my house that only know me from blogging and have been turned around in their directions....
so let me help you.
The kitchen window faces south.

The dining room is south and west and we come in from the garage through that far door.

Beautiful flowers... still lovely from the Mom's Group that Anneliese and I shared our bread making techniques with.

Pictures have been updated again.
I have a stack of prints from past changes.
These tea cups were the two cups I remember first of my Mom's collection.  

The jelly cupboard was rescued from the garage of my beloved's grandparents.
It hasn't been touched except to clean.
We are considering a bit of a white wash...
to add to the many layers of paint it already has.

The "big cupboard" was built by my grandpa for my parents when they got married in 1942.
The date is still written inside.
It was their cabinet and dresser drawer.
It reminds me we have too many belongings these days.

We have no basement in this bungalow.
The grands ask me once in awhile if we do...
as though they think we are holding some surprise for them.

I have wanted curtains for that window since we last painted....
and now.. we both agree that it was a good idea.

The front door no one ever uses.

Going into the laundry area and "master bath".
I say this because it is his.
Mine will be painted next.
Both dining room and laundry room walls are Buttermilk but you can see how the lighting changes the colour.

I really should have waited for this reveal until the new towels were bought.
But.. maybe you can pretend.
When given multiple choices...
he chose Jester for the paint colour.

When we moved to the farm twenty years ago..
I was given this picture from the office I worked at.

The picture was given to us from my brother and sister in law for a wedding gift.
It has always found a perfect spot in every house...
and I expect it always will.

The bench...
was rescued from the barn when we bought the farm.

The laundry room floor needed to be redone.
The floor had too much flex for the tile and the grout was slowly being sucked up by the vacuum.
This is vinyl tile with grout.
A breeze to put in ...
he said.

My laundry room.

there you have it.
When we update the paint in the bedroom...
and my bathroom...
I'll let you know.

all for now..


  1. That is a beautiful color and looks wonderful in your home! I really enjoyed the tour. Charming bungalow you have. John and I enjoyed a chuckle over the grands' basement theory.

  2. Your new paint color is lovely. Everything looks so fresh and pretty.
    I'm wondering whether the painter enjoyed a slice of that pie after his hard work. It sure does look yummy :)

  3. You made some great choices and it was so good to see it all in person yesterday. I might be looking for some drapes like that for my living room. :)

  4. It all looks amazing Lovella! I too love yellow and my bridesmaids wore that colour as well - the farmer isn't as fond of it however - sigh! After redoing our kitchen a decade ago, I too had a paint consultant help me choose the colours - that sure was worthwhile! I LOVE your carpet and your furniture - especially the antique pieces. The Robert Duncan print is one of my favs too. You did a great job - Love your style!

  5. I love your blog and have been reading for several years... you are an inspiration... Such a trivial thing for me to mention, but I AM REALLY appreciative and thankful you changed your font!!! I can now read your pages without difficultY...

  6. Your home is looking especially warm and inviting with your new buttermilk walls, Lovella. Enjoy the new look!

  7. I love the new buttermilk color! And I love that I can totally picture it all in my mind. Your bungalow is so welcoming both on your blog and in person.

    I had to laugh about your basement dilemma…we don't have a basement either, but I often tell my boys when they are being particularly loud/obnoxious…"Go to the basement!" And they just look at me like I'm crazy. ;-)

  8. I can see the difference that the change in paint colour made. It looks so very nice. Your painter is very professional!

  9. Love the color! My kitchen is also painted yellow and I absolutely love it, especially when the sun is shining in!

  10. Beautiful...both the on-line tour and the in-person tour! The paint colour suits your home just perfectly...and the light curtains are the finishing touch. Your home is a reflection of you...warm and welcoming!

  11. Such a great tour. New paint really freshens up a space, doesn't it/

  12. And I (we, the girls) got to enjoy your lovely home with the recent updates. The colours are so fresh, and your home is so cozy and inviting. I love the ladder on your page:)

  13. It all looks beautiful! I really like the way you make a house a home! I also wanted to say that I like your current ladder template. It may as well stay while you paint the rest.

  14. It all looks lovely, so trim and cosy and inviting. I love the Buttermilk wall colour. Such a beautiful soft colour. I needto do some repainting soon and have been leaning towards a similar colour, so maybe I should. Every paint colour chart for every paint company has a different name for things, but the one I am leaning towards is called "Pale Sand." But it's definitely soft yellow! Thanks for sharing.

  15. It looks wonderful! Yellow is such a cheery color!

    How fun to paint and update your home!


  16. House tours are one of my favorite blog posts. I felt like you invited me in and took me a tour, and the tour revealed such a inviting, beautiful, and welcoming home! I like your taste in decorating. I like how you incorporate old pieces that have memories and meaning to you. I especially like the hardwood floors throughout. I like the soft yellow color you chose. I like the curtains, and think they finish off the room perfectly.

    Thanks so much for inviting us in, and sharing your update with us. I enjoyed it so much!

  17. It looks as fresh as breezy sunshine spring day! Doesn't painting a room with your husband kind of make you remember the early marriage vibe?
    I caught a peek at your new kitchen sink too. Nice! Just in time for your Matthew's House guests to enjoy too.
    Your area rug looks so warm and cozy. I can also picture a fluffy white rug in that area. Switching out rugs seasonally is fun if one has the storage space.

  18. I really like the Buttermilk colour that you painted with. It really brightens up the house and gives it a cozy glow in sun and shadow. The jelly cupboard, bench and your parents cabinet are beautiful pieces of furniture that mean a lot to you. I always enjoy seeing old pieces in a home. It looks really beautiful and cozy.


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