Let the Celebrations begin!

Fun memories from four years ago!
I edited the number on the photo to make my age current.. 
it is okay to edit selfies...

The snow has fallen ....
like it sometimes does on February 23 and Canada has won Gold this morning...
and I'm blessed beyond measure.


  1. Happy 55th, Lovella! Oh, I finally got it. Yup.. okay to edit... I just did not read that at first and thought you had yourself ahead of the game. I even had myself older... =) Wishing you a great day!
    I'm blessed by your friendship!

  2. And, by editing, one never grows older! ; D

    What a great birthday gift you received. Congrats on the Gold!

  3. Happy Birthday to a beautiful person - no matter what the age! Hard to believe that's 4 years ago when all the excitement was in Vancouver! Have a fabulous day....

  4. A wonderful day to remember! Blessings galore this year!

  5. Happy birthday! Hope the day was full of special-ness!

  6. Happy Birthday Lovella.....
    Love from NC

  7. Happy Birthday - blessings to you for the year ahead.

  8. Happy Birthday Lovella and many blessings for the year ahead.

  9. Happy 55th Lovella - you don't look a day over 51 in that photo! May the year ahead be filled with love and blessing.

  10. Wishing you a belated Happy 55th Birthday Lovella! I must tell you that the pictures you shared of you, your flag, and the snow...were exception photos! Really, I thought they were magical! You do age beautifully!


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