from the top of a manure pile

He came in just as the sun was setting yesterday and pointed to the berries in the field behind us. 

"I was standing on top of the manure pile and the view was so incredible.".. he said.
"oh really?"...I replied.. "I saw.... it was pretty amazing?"

I had thought about grabbing my camera because I could see the fog rolling out while I was getting dinner on but didn't go out.

Looking out the kitchen door he says... 
"It was nicer a little while ago"... but give me your camera...I'll go stand up on the pile and take some pictures for you".

And he did...

Sometimes when you are on top of a manure pile...
you can see a perspective that no one else sees.

I was thinking...
there is probably some quote that says something to the effect ...

You can't always control where you are standing in your situation...
but if you look up ...
instead of where your feet are...
you can change your attitude and see something God is doing in your circumstance.

all for now...


  1. The lesson is not lost on me! And that is a wonderful view...

  2. That IS an amazing view for sure. It reminds me of musical notes and that wierd? Oh, what we can see from on top of a manure pile!!!

  3. Very good lesson for sure! It's not where we're standing but who we are standing with! There's another one for ya!

  4. Great view from up there....the berry fields in winter. Great lesson as well. When we find ourselves on the 'manure piles' of life...we tend to focus only on that. The bigger picture looks much better!

  5. I had to laugh at the truth of it! Isn't it great when we get to see a glimpse of a life lesson without a physical preacher standing in front of us? It leads us on to a much more personal faith and worship. Like Ellen said, it's not just where we're standing but Who we are standing with . . . saying, "look here ... I have something to show you ... see what I can do."

  6. How true! This is a great analogy, Lovella. And great perspective from atop the manure pile - a gorgeous scene. What kind of berries are they?

  7. Oh my goodness, Lovella - did you write this for me? For the past 10 days I have been standing on top of a very big manure pile from which I was given the perspective to acknowledge the need for change. It's funny to think of where we might find beauty/enlightenment!!!

  8. Madelene L'Engle when writing about her husband's illness, talked about "love in a place of excrement" - it is so true that when we take our eyes off of our present circumstances and "look to the hills, where my help comes from" we can see God's hand.

  9. What a great lesson....from the top of that manure pile.

  10. Amen - well said Lovella. Oh the lessons we learn through the trials on top of the manure pile and so comforting to know that the Lord stands right there with us!

  11. What a sacrificial gift on his part...climbing to the top of the manure pile just for you. I am sure this would be one for the "loving relationships believe it or not" list:) Outstanding picture!


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