Family Day Sleepover

Yesterday would have been my Mom's 92nd birthday ...
so we invited the best party goers we know over to celebrate with us.

What good is birthday cake if you can't blow out candles?
They all took their turns...
a few times.

The grandma they have never met...
had her photo on the mantle where they could see her.

They thought it would be fun to blow them out...
as a group.

has a lot of candle lighting patience.

I showed them how she always cut birthday cakes.

And then....
it was movie time and time to relax!

Today is Family Day here in British Columbia.

They'll be heading home  this morning for their family holiday!

all for now... 
with love,


  1. Oh Lovella - you have a quiver full of beautiful grands. Your house must be buzzing with activity - what a wonderful way to remember Great Granny!!! I love how she cut the cake - my mom had a certain way to cut the round cakes too - not as intricate as yours but so nice to remember!

  2. What a lovely batch of grands celebrating a great-grandmother. Your mom's approach to cake cutting is pretty interesting. She achieved a lot of slices that way, I'm thinking.

    My autistic grand asks me daily (M–F) if my mother died so we talk about this a lot. I notice that he also asks his father if his grandmother died...almost daily. Now my son is a very patient man, but I noticed his last response was "You know the answer to that. Stop asking." Sigh.

  3. Fun times and finally a party where everyone gets to blow out the candles!! Love it.

  4. I like how you showed them your mom's cake cutting technique. I have a sister-in-law who cuts it that way. So pretty! So neat that you celebrate the day with them and tell them about their great-grandmother. Oh, how your mom would love each one of them!

  5. That must have been such fun! I remember those sorts of sleepovers - wonderful memories!

  6. Oh your mom would have enjoyed this party! Looks like a fun way to spend family day.

  7. Most special! I love that you had a cake for your mom...and it was enjoyed by the great-grands she has never met. And I love how she sliced the cake!

  8. i can't believe how grown up everyone is around that table! What fun to celebrate! And I've never seen a cake cut like that -- so pretty!!!!

  9. I think America needs a "Family Day". What fun to see the grands around the table, and in sleeping bags. You sure do know how to make special celebrations and certainly will produce lots of good memories.

  10. I loved that last photo. You nailed it right on, Lovella. What a perfect family day for all of you.
    I like how you celebrate her birthday and visualize that with the children. How special.


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