While we were doing the repaint...
I had several of the cabinets empty so they could be moved easier.
It was great to spring clean at the same time and  now know where our belongings are for the most part.

During one visit ...
he pointed to the cupboard and said...
I had no idea.
I was properly stumped.

He was insistent.  
Elephants were in the cupboard and I was supposed to retrieve them.
I picked him up and showed him the empty cupboard.
If a little one can be stumped...
he was.

How could this cupboard that held so many wonderfully tempting items kept out of reach be suddenly completely empty?

I looked at him and said...
I know!  
Shocking isn't it?

He accepted the plain truth that the elephants were gone.

Several days later while I put the belongings back in the cupboards my eyes rested on this View Master Picture Reel.

Of course...

You can just imagine his relief when I told him I found the elephants!

The View Master is a coveted toy at our house.

My Mom's handwriting and now the story of the elephants...
it makes me smile...
every time.

I do hope you have some precious moment in your Valentine Day dear ones.  

all for now..


  1. Cute story!
    Happy Valentines day!

  2. What a sweet story and great ending!

  3. I love those kind of stories. Children are so intuitive and bright. If only we could read their minds.

  4. We have an old View Master and reels too. Our kids enjoyed them and I guess the next time our grands come to visit I'll have to dig it out. A relic from the past that is fun and unusual. Sweet story. We are visiting our grandsons in Calgary now and enjoying them so much. Have a great weekend.

  5. I used to love my ViewMaster, but my children didn't care for them and neither do my grands. They have all missed out! So I am very pleased to know that your grands enjoy them and know where it is kept.

  6. I am definitely smiling Lovella - what a sweet story! I remember well, the old view master and you have me wondering what ever happened to my parent's reels??? I'll have to inquire. Hope you and yours had a nice V-Day - I so often think of you all!

  7. Ohh .. that brings back memories ! What an amazing toy that was in its day ! And I have found too that the 'good old' never lose their charm for following generations!

  8. How fun that you still have the old view master...with the 'elephants'. I remember looking forward to my visits to a favorite aunt and uncle's place when I was a child...simply to spend time with their view master.

  9. Our mother's handwriting are so similar that I would have sworn my mom labeled that box. I think handwriting was carefully taught in their school age era. I love how you re-assured Little O when you couldn't fathom what he was saying. Such a tricky thing to handle. Now I want to go get a view master, that is a "modern" one. My view master is a stereo optican from the early 1990s, where double photos are viewed to get the three d images. The view master surely is more toodler hand friendly. And I love O"s little hand close up.

  10. That is an old view finder....a good save, and the kids will always remember the elephants. So cute....love it!

  11. Their memory is usually correct. I smiled as I read this post and your thought processes through it all. Interesting, the view finder is making a comeback. I purchased one at our local mall, for our granddaughter recently. Now she can see elephants too. Don't you love seeing your mother's handwriting?

  12. Awww sweet! Aren't they so cute? The other night as Roger and I were putting Josie to bed she insisted that we go into her parents bedroom saying what sounded like "check" - she opened up a cupboard where the sheets were kept and pulled out a pillowcase and said "check" to us. We were stumped. I called down to her dad who was in the kitchen and he came up to solve the mystery. Apparently she was saying "tent" and wanted us to get a sheet out of the cupboard and make her a tent. Oh my goodness - she was so excited when we finally figured it all out! I'll have to keep a lookout for a viewfinder - we loved them when we were little.


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