before breakfast

I went outside this morning early to see what time he wants breakfast.
The temperatures are supposed to be close to 8 Celsius today...
which seems perfect to me.

My hubster who is driving tractor over the fields with tractor bucket loads of manure....
would rather it all stay frozen for one more day.

His thought...
get out there and get that pullet barn cleaned out before the ground starts to thaw....
and it all becomes "a sloppy mess".

And that...
is what is happening on the opposite side of the sunrise!

all for now..


  1. Such a glorious sunrise! Hope that all gets cleared out before sloppiness sets in!

  2. That is quite a contrast in goings on. Hope that the weather cooperates and the chore is accomplished with no mud!

  3. Frozen manure sounds a lot better than sloppy mess. Hope the early start helped.
    Beautiful sunrise!

  4. A really beautiful sunrise, Lovella. I hope it warmed up for you. :)

  5. What a beautiful sunrise Lovella!! Yep - you gotta spread that manure while the ground is frozen! We are still in a total deep freeze here - ugh!


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