A question about Paska

Do you get entertaining text messages from your family?

the texts I get are worth sharing.
They make me smile and are usually somehow quite persuasive. 
I've decided that the premium texts will now be shared with all of you.

This particular one came last night.
I've removed names to protect their privacy. =)

I made Paska today.
It has been cooled...
and bagged...
and right after work...
carted off.

all for now..


  1. Oh those lucky recipients! This post makes me so hopeful that Spring and Paska season will actually come this year!!!

  2. You started something. Out of nowhere I got a text, asking where the Paska is?

  3. i hope that the Finns don't find you as they did me last year when I mentioned this topic. Oh my! Didn't they have some fun. So on my blog, this recipe has become Easter bread. And ohhhhhh....the mere mention is wonderful.

  4. This made me giggle as I just got home from my grocery shopping...which included purchasing the ingredients for paska. I'm anticipating that my family will be asking soon, as well.

  5. ahem - could I have your number please?? :)


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