the gift

I only asked for one thing for Christmas...
well technically I asked for two things but I only asked for one thing from my beloved.

Years ago we were given an old window frame from our nephew and niece when their old house was laid flat to make room for their new home.

That frame had been sitting in our shop since then while I waited for an idea of how to use it.

The idea came to me early in December and once my Christmas wish was thought out loud ...
he spent spare moments in the shop working on my gift.

Years of painted window sills that have seen the best the northeastern storms here in the valley have to offer.  

He wanted to know if I wanted it painted to make it more even.

I wanted it left as original as possible because life isn't always perfect.
Through the years there are storms to weather.

It is good to remember that we are never alone in the storms.
I've been reminded lately that God has given us a precious gift of intercessory prayer.

When you belong to the body of Christ you are not alone asking God to be near...
you are surrounded by an army of prayer warriors who carry you.

Thanking the Lord today for his love...
shown to me in so many ways.

all for now...


  1. This is beautiful Vee and your words are heartfelt and so true. Prayer is truly a gift!

  2. I love the gift from your husband. It is perfect in it's chippy state. A beautifully worded post. Have a blessed week. Pamela

  3. Besides the fact that it looks beautiful as a reminder of days gone by, I like you reasoning for keeping it in it's original state. Windows are there like friends . . . to help weather the storm and keep out the cold but also to let the sunshine in.

  4. You have found the perfect way to re-purpose that window frame. Love it...
    Thanking the Lord for you and other prayer warriors!

  5. Oh I love it! Love the chippy imperfection; love the chicken wire and photos. What a great way to display them. You have said it so well, Lovella. There are prayer warriors all over and how precious to have them when we need them! God is good.

  6. Everything about the old window is lovely - its origin, your desire to have it, your husband's work to make something of it and then the way it has been used - perfect.

  7. I like the gift. Weathered over the years, still old...but new.
    Prayer....a gift to communicate with our loving Heavenly Father who is always available.

  8. What a lovely - so quickly updated - framed photo holder ! I love it ! A perfect gift !

  9. How great is that!! Love that it is being put to great use!! I was just looking at photos of the little old house and feeling a bit sad not to have it be still here to drive by and look at- this makes me happy!!

  10. So true...that we are not alone in the storm. I love that! And I love your gift.

  11. The weathered frame is a special gift! The way you chose to display it is a creative way to share your family pictures. But, the intercessory prayers and the privilege given to us as God's children to pray them for each other, is priceless! Great post!

  12. What a beautiful gift...a timeless that will be there forever. We will weather the storms together.


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