taking him to the dentist

On the way into the city I was very aware of my driving.  

The menfolk in our family do the driving.
Be that what it may...
they all like driving and so...
it is the way.  

I finally said...
am I driving okay?
Does my driving make you nervous?

uh uh...
he says.
In his hard to understand dentist prescribed ventriloquist way...
he said...
You have driven me around more than anyone else in my life.

Really? I say.

I'm his mom and there was plenty of driving him here and there until he was old enough to drive himself.

But still ...
that was half his life ago.

These last months there have been more drives to the health care buildings than I ever imagined we would be doing again in our parent / child relationship.

The braces  he wore when he was a teen and the teeth they straightened are a memory from days gone by.

When we arrived at this weeks office I was amused at the rotating slide show.

After a time...
I mused to him...
that with all that has transpired in the life of his beautiful little family since October I have lost all creative juices to write.

My mind only thinks about their story...
 which is theirs to tell.

When it all began in October I was in my month of thankful posts and I can't help but think that somehow God was showing me then that even when things go awry from an earthly standpoint...
there is God and the heavenly realm that does not change.

And so...
in October
while things were changing...
I kept thanking and still...
I am thankful.

I thank God through my angst and he shows me who he is in many ways. 

I continued to read the slides out loud...
even though there is not one speck wrong with his eye sight. 

He hears my read aloud hints to parents.
He listens to my monolog opinion of those hints.

I watch him now and then to make sure he is paying attention.

There is only him and I in the reception area so I can be a bit obnoxious without causing him to move a few seats over.


Some of the slides hit rather close to home.

In the end...
it doesn't make a difference how teeth are knocked loose.

What matters most ...
is that there are amazing dentists and doctors that are committed to make this better...
and ...
there are tests and surgeons that we are very blessed to have for this precious family.

There are caring friends and family who support those  that are on the mend.

What matters is good attitudes and a positive outlook and a calm realization that nothing here has happened that was not allowed into their life by God himself.

We've talked about this so much with them.
They know and they agree and we are thankful for that too.

I must have continued on in my lament again about no blogging material ...
because it was then I heard the sweet words every blogger is waiting to here...

You can take my picture mom.


And some day...
I'll show you his smile...

and some day...
my creative juices will flow once more.

all for now...


  1. Lovella, my heart is moved by your words this morning. Oh, how we moms would wish to take our children's pain for our own! But your words are so wise and so true. "...nothing here has happened that was not allowed into their life by God himself."

    I am praying for continued grace for your family.

  2. What a wonderful son you raised! He is dealing with so much and, yet, he understands you. This must come from being such a good parent himself! We are praying for you all...

  3. Sometimes it's nice that our adult sons still need us. God's grace will see you all through this. Blessings. Pam

  4. There is something about this post that makes me smile. I love the "realness of life" and the "you" that comes out in this post. Life is not always picture perfect and we cannot always see the good in the bad . . . but in this I see a family relationship that is tested and comes out stronger . . . and that is a good thing.

  5. Love that boy of yours, Lovella. May God continue his mending and may you all know how deep and wide the love of God is for all of you.

  6. The creative writing juices do become very still when pain enters the scene. I am so thankful for the miracles that modern medicine can offer, the healing of body and soul that can take place with the touch of professionals, prayers and loved ones. And am thankful that you continue to be a thankful person in the midst of troubling times.

  7. Sigh. Deep journeys take us to deep places and birth deep expressions of deep faith. Praying for your family! Take care.

  8. Dear Lovella - I can only guess at what might have happened that is the background for this post. It sounds like your energy is required in more practical ways than creative ways right now. Whatever has happened, I will hold your family in prayer.

  9. Dear Lovella, What a tender blog post. I've been to deep places and have found the Lord more precious than I ever knew and the healing deeper than I ever hoped. Thank-you for beautifully sharing your pain and your faith with your readers. {{{HUGS}}} from another mom who is also praying for you and those who are dear to your heart.

  10. Like Jill said... you shared both your pain and your faith most beautifully! I totally understand how the creative juices dry up when things 'go awry'. Continuing to pray for your family.

  11. Still praying for you and your loved ones Lovella!!! Such a beautiful and heartfelt post! I'm having a dry spell with blogging as well .....

  12. Thinking of you Lovella- and your family - and lifting you up in prayer. Love that line "You can take my picture mom". Sounds like one of my "boys" xxoo

  13. A beautiful post that magnifies God and that is what our lives should be about, its not all about the beauty, the creative, the joys. As we share how He comforts us we find new depth in our relationship with Him and MANY are in need of that same comfort.....so thank you for being real and including a post like this on your blog. Our momma hearts are stretched no matter the age of our children. I have gone through a 9 year health battle with one of ours and glory, it can take a lot out of you. Praying His peace and thankful that He is enough. Breathe out, be still, the tomb is empty....God is enough. Praying He lifts your head to set your gaze on Him when you grow weary or uncertain. peace

  14. A post about pain, dental visits, and time spent with our adult children is a rare happening for most of us to read, but like you do so many times, your way of writing, and sharing your heart, drew me right in. It caused me to thank God for you, and at the same time, ask Him to continue to wrap you all in His peace, joy, and comforting love. Thanks for sharing.

  15. You all have been in my thoughts and prayers so often these past days and weeks and yes, months....just wanted to let you know! :-)

  16. Waiting for that 'smile' to be ready to be smiled !
    What a blessing a close loving family is ...and never more appreciated than in a stressful time! It's been a rough road ... I'll continue to pray and trust that God will work even this for good... and will carry you all to happy carefree days once more !


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