starring their daddy

These kids have no shortage of books in their library.
They make regular visits to our regional library and always have book bags full of books which are new to them each week.

Sometimes though...
it is fun to hear a story that has been around for sometime...
and especially if the characters in the book have the name of their Daddy.

Two books arrived in the mail in the early 80's.
Two books almost the same except for the name of the star character.
Back before computers made quick changes in script...
it seemed really amazing.

The books were kept carefully long after other books were boxed up and given away.
When our boys got married...
their books were packed up with their belongings and now are being read to their kids.

It was a gift from their great Uncle Lou.
The same Uncle Lou always made sure he had a few silver dollars in his pocket when he came to visit from Alberta.

We talked about this not long ago and it still made them smile that they could count on those silver dollars.

What about the star of the book?
His adventures continue today in real life.
He still thinks a plan is a good thing....
and we think he is pretty good at following through.

all for now...


  1. What a perfectly wonderful idea! My grandkids would LOVE this!

  2. Uncle Lou sounds either like one amazing uncle or he is married to an amazing gal! (Really, if he thought of this by himself I am over the moon impressed. He's one in a million.)

    What fun for your grands to now enjoy this book. Hope the other set has theirs, too.

    Thinking of everyone!

  3. What a wonderful blessing to have an Uncle Lou! What fun to have these personalized books on the shelf for generations to enjoy...

  4. That is so special! I remember when my Uncle Jim came to visit us in the early 70's, Volkswagon Bug, fringe on his vest and silver dollars for us kids! He's still our favorite!


  5. What fun books to keep forever! And how appropriately titled...for the adventures your son is facing right now. I think every child should have an Uncle Lou.

  6. This was obviously a cherished book by your son and now your grandchildren, Lovella. My children also have an "Uncle Lou"! :)

  7. What a sweet treasure your son has to share with his children. I remember those books but never got them for our own kids.

  8. Personalized books are the best! I love when God gifts His little ones with special people in their lives, people who leave an impact and who teach life lessons without verbally teaching, like Uncle Lou. Our children have a special Aunt Lou in their lives:)


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