Very gently...

take your time...

we'll help ...

rest if you need to...

let everyone have a turn...

don't be afraid...

it's okay ....

can we help?

can you see to other side yet?

we'll support...

one piece at a time...

encouragement is the best.

It occurred to me while I observed this game...
that if the Grandpa to these little ones wants to help and and encourage  ....
how much more does our heavenly Father want to have us depend on him ...
not only on days when it seems the waves are crashing around us but everyday.

How amazing is that?

all for now...
with love.


  1. It's so amazing! And what a sweet illustration of His love and encouragement. I'll remember these little faces so intent on their game with Grandpa's hands always near. Thanks Lovella.

  2. Your post was incredibly encouraging to me this morning. Thanks so much for your insight and message.

  3. GREAT analogy! Enjoy your day!

  4. Good words to live by - "gently, one piece at a time, we'll support". So important. Thank you!

  5. So true, Lovella. Sweet photos and encouraging words for us all.

  6. This is a beautiful picture and it reminds me of the kind of things God allows us to see when
    going through times of having to go gently and trusting Him. You've been given a window into the heart of God.

  7. Just read your post and it is VERY timly...So many things in my life are
    so uncertain and crashing down around me and I cling for all I am worth
    to the Lord, but then for a moment in time, I falter and then I read your post.
    Thank you for sharing this great insight with me.
    Love from NC

  8. Lots of crashing going on...if we knew how well He has it covered, we'd not worry. What fun to see the game. I can't believe how big the little one is getting. He's not a baby anymore!

  9. Gentle hands, helping hands, supportive nudges, one day at a time, the Father's love, all illustrated so well here Lovella! Keep peeking through that Jenga Jungle and see those sweet faces!

  10. That was a lovely series of photos to go with your final point - well illustrated, well made!

  11. Great fun.....great lesson. Loved all those faces you captured.

  12. So true! And, we are all on the sidelines cheering each other on in this journey of life. I like the way you tied the two lessons together. Encouragement is one of life's greatest blessings.

  13. What a well-illustrated reminder that God is in control...encouraging and the waves of life crash around us. Thank-you!


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