It was a special Christmas here at Grammie's house.
I was hiding a special surprise in the baby room which I was keeping under lock and key tucked under blankets.

When the time came...
I told the little girls that I had something special I wanted to show them and they saw the three baby girls all in a row.

They stood very still...
eyes wide open and looking from the babies back to me.

At last the oldest...
very carefully reached out and touched the baby nearest her on the cheek.
Is it real?
She asked...
and I smiled.

They each claimed a baby girl to love and care for and those baby girls were snuggled and passed around the rest of the day.

The boys left their toys and came over now and then to help.

The baby in the family suddenly looked like a little boy...a little bit grown up.

So curious.

The babies made the rounds.
Everyone wanted to hold them for a bit.

So now you know my secret too....
but let me tell you the rest of the story.

I first learned about reborn babies when my friend Lois told me her daughter in law was making them...
but it wasn't until I saw them at her house that I believed her when she said they look like a real live baby.

The baby dolls are ordered online as a kit.
Head and limbs are completely blank and the artist then goes to work painting layer after layer to create a one of a kind reborn baby.

Each layer of paint is baked and then the body is weighted and attached.
They are a work of art.

The baby kits come in different sizes.
These babies are 19 inches and fit preemie clothes...
which I quite enjoyed buying.

If you are interested there is lots of information online and if you live here in the Fraser Valley and would like to be put in touch with Kirsten ...
I'd be happy to help you connect.

all for now...


  1. I believe this Christmas gift will stand out in their memories always.
    As I read this post I was thinking they are dolls, but many of the photos look exactly like a newborn. I was going back and forth thinking real... not real... real... :).
    The artists did an amazing job.
    I love the precious expressions on each of your grand's faces as they met the babies for the first time. So sweet!

  2. Oh what a wonderful gift to treasure always!! They really do look real - so unique! Those precious grand girlies will always remember this!!!

  3. Oh they will remember the day! Everyone looks smitten with the newborns...I am, too. They're adorable. Have they been named yet?

  4. Too precious! I'm sure by now they all have names. Let us know...once they are ready to send out the birth announcements. I still have the 'birth certificate' for Heidi's cabbage patch doll from thirty years ago...Jill Mavis was her name.

  5. Love their reactions. Every photo really shows how everyone responds to them as if they are real...

  6. What a perfectly delightful gift for your girls. I love how everyone 'loved' those babies.

  7. How adorable is that!? What a beautiful gift for each of your sweet granddaughters. They look so real. If I ever get a granddaughter…..well you know…..I might just invest in one of these. Happy New Year to you Lovella. Blessings, Pamela

  8. Wow! The dolls are amazingly lifelike! A Christmas that the children will always remember, I'm sure. What a great gift! xoxox

  9. What beautiful dolls, Lovella! They look so lifelike I thought they were real in the first photo. I'd love to purchase one for my granddaughter when she is a little older.

    I know you had a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy 2014!

  10. Wow! I cannot believe how lifelike these babies look! How thoughtful, clever, and loving was the idea to have the babies as gifts for your granddaughters, and to have them in the little baskets. I know three little girls in my world who would love to find these on Christmas Day. What I am thinking too, is that they will learn early how to lovingly care for a newborn. At our girl's school, they were each given a newborn doll and they needed to carry it with them and take care of them as if they were their own, for three days.

    Hope you are feeling better now. It is not fun to be sick over Christmas.

  11. Oh wow!!!! Those are just amazing! I can just picture the girls standing there with awe and wonder!!!! You must have had the most fun being the giver of those special gifts!!!!! Rachel spent hours and hours making Laura a crochet doll with an exquisite wardrobe. Rachel said she wished she were opening a new doll with a wardrobe herself (even though at 13 she does not play with dolls at all). Awww.....I so wished I had had time to make Rachel a doll and wardrobe just for fun. Some of these things we never outgrow.....

  12. A Christmas to remember, for sure! I want one too!

  13. Sounds like those triplets are the kind I could handle....
    I soon will be envisioning my own 'real doll'

  14. Oh my goodness, how adorable! No matter what age I am, I will always be enthralled with life-like baby dolls. What a magical gift!


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