We don't often have a chance to visit while we work together as a Mennonite Girls Can Cook team so on 
 Monday afternoon we met at Bev's to package up some cookies.

We arrived with our best  cookies and set them on Bev's island and then did what we've all be dying to do...
toured her newly renovated Kitchen....

Laundry Room.

We all agreed it is amazing and perfectly planned.

What is more fun that being allowed to look in another's drawers and cabinets?

New stoves...
big sigh.

Isn't that wonderful?

Eventually we got to the task at hand and started to package up our cookies.

We each brought little bags or containers to keep the flavours separate.

For the record...
we did not taste one while we did this.

Even though...
I kept eyeing up Anneliese's perfect little peppermint cookies...
we did not taste them while packaging.

in the dining room..
Judy set out the baskets and prepped them for the cookies.

She was the bow maker too.

We counted and divided and filled and ever so gently...
wrapped them up.

When they were all perfectly packaged...

we tasted....
and declared them delicious.
We had some hot apple cider and some of Bev's fresh pressed apple juice.
Oh ...
so good.

Around 4 pm..
we called it an afternoon and headed home.
The snow was lightly beginning to fall.
The mountains near Bev's home were covered in snow.
It was lovely...

all of it.

all for now..


  1. Bev's kitchen is beautiful! I love the scene out her window above the a painting. And those cookie sheet and tray dividers? Pardon me while I wipe this green from my face.

    The cookies look delicious and the packaging superb! Well done, Ladies!

  2. What a wonderful package to receive. Sounds like you all had a really nice visit.
    I love it when people who truly cook get new kitchens. It seems to spur on a whole new flurry of great cooking.

  3. You girls did real good! Yippee for all that great space in Bev's kitchen and laundry room! See you tonight!

  4. It was a 'work B' in B's beautiful new kitchen in the best of company!

  5. What a fun time together. Bev's new kitchen is a dream. What did you do with all the cookie packages?

  6. Oh my goodness - that is such a lovely kitchen. What fun to visit and package - they all look so pretty. How I wish I could sit in that class tonight. Have a wonderful time and send lots of pictures our way :).

  7. Oh, I see homemade pepper nuts! That just speaks Christmas. Love them!

  8. This is exactly what I want to be doing when I am at your stage in life!! Too much fun you ladies had!!! And look at that view from Bev's window! Just lovely!

  9. What a nice day you girls had touring Bev's beautiful new kitchen and doing up all those wonderful cookies in baskets. They looked so pretty. I'm also wondering who will be receiving this lovely goodies.

  10. There will be oven-envy all over Blogdom due to the photo of the two new ovens!
    That must have been such fun, working together and catching up as you went. I hope the class went well - I just finished commenting on Judy's post that I thought of you as I drove past Lepp's last night!

  11. These events make me smile...none of us ask permission for each other's photos anymore do we? We just go with the flow...and snoop around.

  12. I consider it a real privilege to step inside such a lovely, new, organized kitchen with all of you, and then to watch a group of Proverbs 31 women at work in it. Love how you all work together and the beautiful gifts that result from that time together. Lots of blessings about to be shared.


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