the boxing night bed

Our Christmas with the family was yesterday on Boxing Day.
It worked out to be the best plan of the season since it gave us two here on the farm a chance to recover from the flu bug that arrived on Christmas eve ... stayed the night and most of Christmas Day.

Yesterday morning we woke up...
had a cup of coffee and set to work ...
me in the kitchen and him in the barn doing morning chores.

The children arrived and the party began.
Remember hanging out with your cousins at grandma's house?
I think they will too.

The dishwasher has been filled and emptied and filled once more.
Tomorrow floors will be vacuumed and mopped and then I think we'll enjoy the parts of Christmas that we missed.

I hope you all have had a most enjoyable Christmas.

all for now...


  1. They are all growing up so fast. Precious. Glad you are feeling better!!

  2. The Christmas Eve bed was great. But your Boxing Day bed is the best!

  3. Wonderful precious moments with the grandchildren. Blessings!

  4. Yes...Christmas + Cousins memories are sweet. Now don't you think someone should write a Christmas song about cousins around the tree? Or write a book/movie about that? Oh wait...Louisa May Alcott (who wrote Little Women) did write a book titled "Eight Cousins".

  5. I think I need to look up that book Jill mentioned! Love your photo!

  6. Sickness came to visit our household too. Glad to hear that you were feeling better in time for your precious visitors!

  7. Oh dear. Both grands are down with fevers and colds. We're taking echinacea and praying for the best.

    You folks take care and merry on. I don't think that a flu bug will keep you down for long.

  8. I remember the excitement of gathering as cousins at grandmas. I loved her raspberry candies, the bible reading, sining in german, eating around the table, the wonderful cookies.....and her love and open heart and home. I can imagine those are some of the things your sweet little ones will remember in years to come as well. For now....enjoy them darling!

  9. I am finally able to catch up with my favourite blogs and your's is no exception!!!! Your post about the Christmas Eve bed is SO wonderful Lovella!! Your insight and analogy to our Christ's first night brought tears to my eyes. What a great tradition to commemorate this! Your beautiful grands will never forget these days at their amazing Grandma's house and the "bed" picture is so adorable. So glad you are all feeling better. Stay well and enjoy the rest of the Christmas Season - as we slide into a brand new year!!! Blessings and wellness to you and your wonderful family Lovella!

  10. Oh what a shame about the bug!!!! Glad you at least got to spend Boxing Day with the family.


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