super hero party

We celebrated yesterday.
A grand party it was.

I had some moments of déjà vu. 
Boys boys and more boys. 
That is the parties we had at our house.

A few girls were allowed to attend for this boy.
A sister and girl cousins.
I remembered then how when my brother would have a party..
I was allowed to invite one friend.

A craft. . .

is always a good thing.

Dollar store capes with super hero markings added on by the super hero mom.

We all headed to the ice rink after gifts were opened.

Oma came to help corral and give us another set of eyes.

The guys put on their skates...

and zoomed the littler kids around.

I could have skated like that too...
just sayin'.

He's six years old now and if you want to know more about him...
you can read the conversation he had with his super hero mom below.

I love this  grand boy.

all for now...


  1. What a great "boy" party! Brings back some memories! Happy birthday to your super grand!

  2. Such a grand party for your grand boy! I love his answers to the questionnaire. Happy Birthday and may he continue to grow in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man.

  3. Oh what a great kid! I am especially loving his wish for staying clean forever. That would sure be a time saver! I can tell that he had a great birthday and I suspect that SiX is going to be fabulous.

  4. By the way, which one of you has been feeding that child mud?!

  5. What a fun party for your sweet grandson. I like the superhero ideas and the mask making. And the skating at the rink looks so fun. I could use one of those stands to help me around the ice these days. :) The description of your grandson is just so sweet. Especially staying clean forever. Cute!

  6. Happy Birthday to a handsome little guy! The craft looks like so much fun, and the superhero idea, as was the question and answer sheet. I am still smiling at the mud answer.

  7. Oh what a fun party that was!!! I love the Mother/Son interview - so creative and his answers are so precious! Six is a good year!!

  8. What a fabulous birthday party for a six-year-old boy! I'm sure his girl-cousins enjoyed it as well. I love his question and answer sheet!

  9. What a great party! I loved the list that tells a whole lot about this special little super hero. Happy belated birthday to your very sweet grandson.


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